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Following the GTA V 1.38 Expulsion v4.0 Mod Menu for PS4 9.00 last month, I'm releasing the Lush Modz GTA 5 1.38 PS4 Mod Menu Bases Source Code this weekend for those interested PlayStation 4 Scene game modding.

Download: Lush_Modz_GTA_5_1.38_PS4_Mod_Menu_Bases_-_FIXED.rar (21.04 MB - includes LushModz-1.38-Menu-Base.bin and LushModz-1.38-Menu-Base-2.bin)


Lush Modz & GraFfiX_221211


You can also use the command “sudo chmod -R a+rwx /path/to/folder” to give permissions to the selected folder and its files.
[GTA 5/1.38] Lush Modz Mod Menu Bases Source (PS4 JAILBREAK)
Download: WildeModz-1.38-1.7.bin (579 KB)
Download: (1.2 MB)

WildeModz GTA V Mod Menu 1.38 9.00 PS4 Jailbreak
Download: / GIT via aaron29th of
GTA 5 Online Content Creator Jobs (PS4)
Lush Modz GTA 5 1.38 PS4 Mod Menu Bases Source Code 2.jpg

Lush Modz GTA 5 1.38 PS4 Mod Menu Bases Source Code.jpg

[GTA 5/1.38] WildeModz v1.7 Mod Menu PS4 (9.00 JAILBREAK)

In this video, I will be showing you GTA 5 1.38 WildeModz v1.7 Mod Menu PS4 9.00 JAILBREAK. This GTA 5 Mod Menu only works offline story mode on a jailbroken PS4.

This menu was developed by: WildeModz


@Niico96 Expulsion menu does but these are sources that don't provide them. These are for developers to get creative and to work on a project for the scene. I work on the Expulsion menu that does have that.
Hello, can someone tell me if GTA V can be downgraded? I had mine on 1.37 and was updated unintentionally, so is there a way, or any mod menu working on 1.40? Thanks
@martim501 if you have the disc version you can use patch installer to upgrade or downgrade your game. If you don't, you have to download the PKG version of 1.38 to get the latest updated menus working.

When I upgrade the game soon I can start working on 1.40 but for now, the Expulsion menu works on 1.35 and 1.38. You may use other menus ranging from an older version of the game.
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