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Do You Think the GameModes / Maps are Fun?

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IW4Play PC.jpg

Hello, PSXHAX Members :) So today I am going a little bit off topic. Since I've Been Registered for like months now. I have seen registered people talk about pc games in the Shoutbox / Discord besides the upcoming PS4 News.
I have in-fact seen a medium size group off gamer's who do in-fact enjoy console gaming or pc gaming.

Now what im going to talk to you guys about is Modern Warfare 2 for PC (Before people say wtf is @VultraAID Talking about MW2 for its god dam old (Yes i know that)).
Well most users might have not known this about 4-5 Years ago there was a Site called FourDeltaOne (4D1) & AlterIWnet Which was developed by NTAuthority. that changed Modern Warfare 2 for PC gamers into a whole new fun experience for playing custom maps, custom gametypes & more.

"IW4M is a modification for the sixth installment in a popular FPS game series, bringing dedicated servers, modding and a whole lot of other features to the game."

In late 2013 (If its the right Year :p) Activistion had a court order to take down FourDeltaOne due to illegal reasons.. Most off there source code (4D1 / AlterIWnet) Went on Github for other developer's or PC Gamers could take over there place.. To Carry on there place and give PC Gamers the best off what they deserve.

The Clients that FourDeltaOne Supplied the gamers at the time could been used to hosting MW2 Custom Game-modes Server's and lot more. And people where a big fan off what NTAuthority accomplished

*List off Some Mods & Playable Servers*
AIZombies Extreme
Hide & Seek Mod
Hide & Seek Pro Mod
Battlefield Mod
Crysis_2_Multiplayer Mod
Juggernuts V.s Humans
& alot more

Mod Pack Download (VIPS Only): IW4M Mod Pack

Well for me Its still fun to play today even though I am an Adult but I think it would be fun for other people too who are PC Gamers and love to play custom game modes or just even COD its self. So a Site Called IW4Play has recently made a site and IW4M Client just like/Similar to FourDeltaone to bring back the fun old days. And I was thinking if people want to have a play/try these custom maps/game modes that people have made. Then play Like if its not your taste so what ? At least you can recommand it to anther person who does enjoy Call of duty in general.

Download Link to Client & Game If below and With Tutorials on how to Setup and Play These Custom Game Modes with other people

Spoiler: Game Download + Client + How-To

PS: IW4Play are new from what I can tell as they only have a couple off servers that are being hosted right now.​
IW4Play PC.png



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Yep, I will now.. thanks for posting this as our PC Gaming section is a little bare anyway so it's welcomed even if it's older etc :)


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Update: So since when i was last on IW4M They seemed to became Partners with anther Site Called IW4x and they have taken over the project so here are some new things.
Tor Website:

  • Unlike IW4Play Which you had to register in order to play the game, IW4x Is a none Registered client, Means You can load the game up straight away, choose your Nickname and Start Your Journey into playing some decent Mods.​
  • IW4x Also Have 8 DLC With Included Original Maps from OLD COD Games.​
  • Maps Like RUST has Been revamped (Photo Below) with HD Textures​
  • and many more!​


Clean MW2 Steam Copy:
DLC Will Be Auto Installed When Using the IW4x Installer.
IW4x Wiki:
8 DLC (Manual Download):
Automatic Installer IW4x: