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Hello to all and a (Happy Friday The 13Th) (-8

Following my PS4 MK XL Demo Videos, I bring all y'all today the ability to play as Leatherface but actually as (Jason) or vice versa along with 9 other swap out players with just a simple MKXL 1.04 Fake Game Update.

Download: 10 MESH SWAP Mod Pack Game Update.rar (2.66 GB)

Minimum Requirements
  • PS4 on 4.05 or 4.55 (either or)
  • A back up copy of your Full Game on 1.04 as a F-PKG.
  • And That's about it
  • This is a (F-PKG. Game update)
  • With 10 Players that was swap around
  • Out from the 33 Playable Players
Here is the List of Swap Players

1. Alien = Predator
2. Jason = Leatherface
3. Jhonny Cage = D'Vorah
4. Kung Lao = Raiden
5. DVorah = Jhonny Cage
6. Leatherface = Jason
7. Predator = Alien
8. Raiden = Kung Lao
9. Reptile = Tremor
10. Tremor = Reptile

Here is a preview of the Mesh Sap Mod Pack
Mortal Kombat XL (Mesh Swap Modpack 1) PS4 FPKG Game Update 2.jpg

Known Issues
  • Game will freeze up if you pick a Swap Player with (Another-Other Swap Player)
  • Game will freeze up if you pick a Swap Player along with a (Non-Swap Player)
  • BUT (It is OK to Pick a Non Swap Player with Other Non Swap Player)
  • And The Game will freeze up if you don't Pick your Swap Players (Fast Enough)
That's why in the Preview (I pick them Fast and Went Straight to Random Stage Select)
Other then that Enjoy & Thank ya'll all (-:
Mortal Kombat XL (Mesh Swap Modpack 1) PS4 FPKG Game Update.jpg



so I want to play with a player exchanged .. if I have the original ?? another thing would be .. play for example with Goku, etc .. in MK XL ... but exchange characters .. a silly thing.

Let's see if anyone throws light on how to update the fpkg that would be really useful for the scene.


Game Mod Developer
Senior Member
Once your about to dump your game
with update already applied
You just modify the settings in Notepad++
To just dump the Game Update
Some games its works just fine others may not?

Now when it comes to the actual modification of the Game
Different games require different methods
Every game is not the same.
Good luck hope that shed some light on it.
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