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Happy Friday the 13th to all of Ya'll 😱

I'm back just to bring a bit of info on MK X/XL work that I have been working off and on with, since my MK9 KE PS3 RTM Tool and last PS4 Partial & Full mesh swap mods on MKX/XL.. Big Thanks to Life and Death.

This time around I have managed to actually change the appearance of a Fighter. Not by much, This is still real early doe, I would also like to say a Big Thanks to DKDave for his help on this.

This is still early work I am experimenting with, hope to have something out for ya'll sometime soon?

Enjoy these pics & video from my YouTube Channel:
Mortal Kombat XL PS4 Skin Mod (Proof of Concept) Demo by GrimDoe.jpg

Mortal Kombat XL PS4 Skin Mod (Proof of Concept) Demo by GrimDoe 2.jpg

Mortal Kombat XL/ (SKIN MOD - Proof Of Concept) /P$4 5.05
Mortal Kombat XL SKIN MOD (POC) Johnny Cage Intro & Klassic Fatality (P$4 5.05)


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