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Mod/Dev ~Team_Zer0~
MultiZer0 4.76.10 CEX & DEX (Updated + Halloween Edition) for PS3 CFW

In celebration of this Halloween Day, I present to you multiZer0 4.76.10 [CEX & DEX] (Updated + Halloween Edition) for PS3 Custom Firmware!!

Hy everyone !

After the previous great release MultiZer0 4.75.10 CEX-DEX (5 Years of MultiMAN) i was thinking to bring the ps3 more to live because it still has some nice features to use.

So i pimped the icons bit more so we have a moving icon on the XMB. The files are own made .GIF's and uncrompessed to .AVI (Codec UYVY)

After you use the PS3 *** to create the .PAM output file.
This will encode your uncrompressed movie so your able to use it like a moving icon on the XMB.

Below your able to see an example from the new updated version + Halloween Edition.
  • Both PKG's contain a new soundtrack on the menu.
  • The Halloween edition has some nice backgrounds!
MZ0PS3-multiZer0_4.76.10_CEX_DEX.pkg (88.0 MB)
MZ0PS3-multiZer0_4.76.10_CEX_DEX_Halloween_Edition.pkg (138.1 MB)

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~ XxZer0ModZxX ~