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Following his recent PS4API Server project, today PlayStation 4 developer @BISOON made available a NetCheat API for PS4 4.05 Firmware similar to the popular NetCheat PS3 tool for game cheats. :D

Download: / GIT

To quote from BISOON on NGU: Hello again guys

Might most of you have used netCheat for PS3* to search for offsets or anything else, this tool is extremely useful most of the time doing game cheats.

Fortunately, Dnawrkshp made it with the possibility for API extension which loads API/Plugin during runtime this feature will be handy when we want to use the tool with various platforms, so I used this PS4Lib.dll to make netcheat API for PS4, probably will be useful :)


Drop all dlls from here bin/release to [your netCheat folder]/APIs/

I tested on netCheat 4.53, the app open source you can find it on Dnawrkshp's GitHub page, comment below if you encounter any problem...

  • Dnawrkshp
And from the netCheatAPI-for-PS4


Drop all dlls from here bin/release to [your netCheat folder]/APIs/ You need PS4API server payload to use this, you can download it from here PS4API.bin


Netcheat will read 65000 bytes in one request, so in the API.cs I just devided the number of requested bytes by 16384 to make sure the browser will not crash.

Cheers to @HydrogenNGU for the heads-up on this news via Twitter earlier today! :beer:
NetCheat API for PS4 4.05 Firmware by BISOON for Game Cheats.png

NetCheat API for PS4 4.05 Firmware by BISOON for Game Cheats 2.png



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I have been pushing for one lol. @PSXHAX has been very busy as it is just him running the site and managing everything.


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None of the old ps3 offsets will work on ps4 reboots such as uncharted or the last of us, this is simple enough to prove with the eboot, the changes required to make the debug menus work in ps3 will not work with ps4, you will need to rediscover all the offsets.

Edit: if anyone wants to work with me on getting offsets for TLOU/ uncharted remasters, then hmu


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Can someone make an Tutorial step by step how we have to set up netcheat and inject the playload ....?

it not works for me :( i am sure i am doing something wrong, Netcheat is Connected but nothing happend if i searching for Values.


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This is what i did:
1. Send ps4hen to ps4
2. Send ps4api to ps4
3. Open Gravity Rush 2 (CUSA03694)
4. Open Netcheat, connect and attach

I wanted to find my gem address

5. Search unknown value, Type 4 bytes, Start address 400000, Stop address 2000000
6. After the search, i used some gems in the game and did a "next scan" for "changed" value.
7. Repeated until i had only 2 values.

8. Right click and copy the addresses, then paste in codes section, and modified the values:

9. Checked Constant Write and press Write button.
10. In the game, the gems didn't change right away. I went to collect some of them and, bingo!!! 999999 Gems!!!

11. Depending of the game, this method may not work. Some games use float values or else. I'm still trying to do some cheat in Tales of zestiria, but i can't find any value at all.


hmm, 4 bytes and unknown numbers... i not tested that way what ps4-api-server.bin you use? last from release or new from source (me build from source)?
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