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Since the last rumored PS4 gamesharing method was released and inevitably patched, @HackYourPS4 passed along confirmation that there was one private gamesharing method remaining... but perhaps not for long, if the incoming release is it? :unsure:

According to PS4 scene developer @zecoxao on Twitter, to quote: "yet another gamesharing method is coming soon, for PS4 consoles."

:alert: Note: For those on lower PS4 Firmware it's recommended NOT to update your PS4 console for this method, as $ony is likely to patch it very soon and then you'll be stuck with a PlayStation 4 console that can't run backup games, emulators, exploits and homebrew with no way of downgrading the PS4 once the 'temporary' method is patched.

Spoiler: Method Demo Video
Sony's Method for Sharing PlayStation 4 Games :sneaky:
Cheers to @kizabg for the heads-up on this earlier today! :beer:
New PS4 Gamesharing Method Rumored as Incoming via Zecoxao.jpg


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Morpheus said that are all bullsh!t. But (if I'm not wrong) his method to exploiting webkit through ps4 apps wasn't patched, when he presented it at 35c3.

From dedicated thread: "m0rph3us1987 is scheduled to speak at this month's 35c3 Chaos Communication Congress 2018 hacking event about exploiting PS4 Video Apps in order to run unsigned code regardless of the firmware version installed!"

As usual, when someone speaking of backups in this scene, a lot of people come together to make useless sermons (that also give more visibility to backups).
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