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Sony is seeking to snag customers from traditional cable television and Internet companies with their online live streaming TV service PlayStation Vue, and their latest PS Vue campaign encourages people to 'change the way you watch' although many already have using Streaming Sites or Kodi to watch their favorite movies and shows for free. :D

To quote from their official site: PlayStation Vue is a live streaming TV service with sports, news, and your favorite must-watch shows.

Experience premium channels, a powerful cloud DVR (available in your home and on the go), streaming on up to five devices at once, and no annual contracts.

Those interested in PlayStation Vue can check out their latest promotional video below alongside Channel Lists, Plans & Pricing and a PS Vue FAQ.

Here are some more PlayStation Vue Tutorial videos for those interested as well:

PlayStation Vue - Subscription Management
PlayStation Vue - Welcome
PlayStation Vue - TV Anywhere
PlayStation Vue - Explore Filters
PlayStation Vue - Program Guide
New Sony PlayStation Vue Campaign Change the Way You Watch.jpg


This is just one of those things that never catches on and in a couple of years everybody forgets about.
I wonder why they even try...
Sony is selling as a novelty something the countries with japanese digital tv system (most part of latinoamerica) can get without extra costs, everywhere, anytime, just conect your phone or laptop to tv/cable and voilá.

For the rest of the world with USA and EURO systems all that will (already) have a cost.