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hello i was wondering if i can play persona 5 in my ps3 Cfw using remote play ? (i have a cfw ps3 and a 3.60 vita) and if i can , can someone gives me a link on how to do it?


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Here is what Doctorofpwnage confirmed on PS3 Remote Play with Persona 5:

This works for me, I'm on Rebug 4.81.2 and I changed PARAM.SFO. I used aldostools PARAM.SFO editor (included in ps3tools collection) and changed the "PSP Remote play allowed" option to PSVita + PSP.

The only thing I've noticed is that sometimes the "Remote play in progress" screen appears during loading and behind graphics and for some reason the image is slightly vertically squashed.


Well i cant find the right session but well i try to install Persona5 in my ps3. im using Rebug 4.82 and cfw 4.82. the install but when a put to play its be loading forever. can someone help me ? exist some video teaching ? somebody pleaaase ^^