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Okay, now it's the time for talking about animals, which can be really close to your heart (pets), but some of you can really afraid of them.

Are there animals which you really are afraid of?
Or is there something that you love?
Do you have any pets?

Want to tell us about it/them?


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I currently have 3 cats and absolutely adore them! <3 :kitty::kitty::kitty: <3

While I'm not afraid of most animals that others won't go near such as foxes and skunks, I tend to steer clear of raccoons as I've seen some really vicious ones in my day. :eek:

I also am not too fond of reptiles such as snakes, but as long as they are behind glass I'm good :D



I also have a cat and a dog and I find it relaxing when my pets are cuddling me. ;)

I want to recommend these cat toys to which I think will be helpful to your pets because these toys will promote play, exercise, movement, and mental stimulation and will keep them energetic and healthy. ;););)


I'm afraid of dog...sound silly I know but once a dog bite me in the leg and I still have a scar from that.

I love watching colorful fishes in tank, aquarium and especially in the sea (when I did scuba diving).


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I love Dogs, i have 1 Poodle(Brownie) - cos hes brown, and 6 Shitzu (Mickey,Minnie,Beanie,Licky,Pudding,Muffin) and 1 pug (Dum DUm) - cos of his looks. i love cats too, i have a white persian cat (Name: Fatty - shes fat) but she always fight with the dogs.

i used to have hamsters but my wife hate it, have 2 rabbit but both passed away last year, i have 2 Serama Chicken and 1 Silky chicken i dont know how to appreciate birds and fishes, but my dad have them.

i always wanted animals like slow lorries, squirrel etc etc. but thats the only legal animal we can have in singapore. and having a chicken is only allowed if you live in Private land.


Currently we have 1 dog (male Dutch Shepherd / Border Collie), 2 cats (1 male tabby / siamese and 1 female long haired mix / siamese), and a female (French Lop) bunny that we just got for our daughter over the Holidays. Thing is absolutely hilarious. For the first few days the tabby cat looked like he wanted to pounce on her. Now he just runs away because she is twice the size she was when we got her before New Year's.

I absolutely love our two cats. They follow me everywhere too. Not too fond of the dog anymore, but that's because he tried to snap at my daughter and nearly bit through my hand. It still upsets me that he tried to do that, but we still have him and he hasn't tried it since. Probably didn't wanna get socked in the nose again. I hope it hurt as bad as my damn hand did. Not abusive towards animals at all, but he got hit for that one.

I get a bit nervous around bigger dogs since I have been bitten a handful of times.

Thing I am most afraid of. Small brownish spiders. Lolol. Anytime I see one with a hint of brown I freak out a little bit because of the Brown Recluse horror stories I have heard from friends and family. I won't run away from them or anything but I get more hesitant with those than anything else. I'll go outside and catch snakes all day long though. We have them everywhere around our house.


yes it wouldn't let me post in the PS4cheater thread. I was having issues connecting but it wouldn't let me post in that thread. I have sorted it out now. Glad I can post though!
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