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PlayStation 4 console case modder Eddie Zarick (YouTube Channel) of Ed's Junk recently shared a demonstration video of his latest creation, a 19" laptop with a built in PS4 Slim (dubbed PlayBook 4 S, with pictures of a 24" PlayBook 4 Pro also below) for portable gaming on the go complete with HDMI output! :geek:

If anyone out there with deep pockets is interested, the PlayBook 4 System goes for $1,495.00 plus $150 shipping to the 48 US States or $1,195.00 if you supply the PS4 Slim console to be modded.

Below is his latest PlayBook 4 S New Slim PS4 Laptop demo video, and from, to quote:

"Once you open up the PlayBook 4 S you will be surprised at how big the 19″ screen actually is for the size of the system. I tried my best to keep as small as a bezel as I could around the LCD without compromising the integrity of the case.

The screen sits at a good height while the hinges provide enough tension to be able to adjust the angle of the screen as you wish. Below you will notice a couple of stereo speakers and TV control along with the Blu-ray drive, 2 USB and a power and eject button.

The speakers provide loud crisp audio, while the small black TV controller button allows you to adjust the volume along with other TV settings, like brightness and contrast. The screen is HD, but only supports 720p. Unfortunately it is next to impossible to find 1080p screens in the 19″ size. But, the HDMI in the back will support full 1080p output to your external Big screen at home!

On the back of the system you will notice more air vents to keep the PS4 nice and cool. On either side of the vents you have a ethernet port for wired internet access (and yes, Wi-Fi still works just fine!) and then power and HDMI out.

The HDMI out is great for still being able to use the PS4 on your large screen when your at home. Please note, when using it at home, you can turn off the LCD and still get HDMI out, also you must keep the screen open for the PS4 to keep cool.

So can you get one of these PlayBooks? Of COURSE! I build these to order and you can have your own custom PS4 that you can not get in the store! Make your friends jealous when you have your PS4 on trips and they don’t! Although you can still share ;)

You have some options for your custom PlayBook. First off, you may choose either white or black for the main case color. Then you can also choose the color of the accents, for those pretty much any color can be chosen. Also I will offer to put your Gamertag on the system if you choose.

After you place your order, please email me the details of your system. Also you may put in the colors under the notes section of PayPal. If you want a custom themed PlayBook, you will need to contact me directly as pricing on those system is more."

1-768x512.jpg 2-768x507.jpg 3-768x512.jpg 4-e1486593071878-768x605.jpg 5-768x512.jpg 6-768x512.jpg 7-768x512.jpg 7-768x512.jpg
PlayBook 4 S & PlayBook 4 Pro - PS4 Slim Laptop Mods Demo Video.jpg



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what other mods could be added to this? cause I would totally throw down if they add something else to it.. just sayin


It's a cool idea but the price is ridiculous unfortunately.. The PS4 slim is actually pretty portable, so I would rather buy an 100$ screen and take it with me than to pay some extra 1000 dollars..