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Headlining the April 2018 streaming lineup for PlayStation Now subscribers are Homefront: The Revolution and the PS4 version of Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell with what else is coming this month outlined below. :)

To quote from PS Now Senior Marketing Manager Brian Dunn on their latest offerings:

April's New PS Now Additions
  • APB Reloaded
  • Azkend 2
  • Baseball Riot
  • Dark Rose Valkyrie
  • Dead Island Retro Revenge
  • Dynamite Fishing World Games
  • F1 2016
  • Homefront
  • Homefront: The Revolution
  • Mantis Burn Racing
  • Mighty No. 9
  • Omega Quintet
PS3 > PS4 upgrades
  • Risen 3 Enhanced Edition
  • Saints Row: Gat out of Hell
  • The Unfinished Swan
Those who haven't given PlayStation Now a try yet can do so via Sony's seven-day free trial for both PS4 and PC to experience the streaming service firsthand.
PlayStation Now April Lineup Offers Homefront and Saints Row.jpg