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Last month retail stores received PS VR Demo Units, and today some PlayStation VR game boxart has surfaced for PS4 virtual reality titles including RIGS Mechanized Combat League and PlayStation VR Worlds!

At GDC 2016 Sony confirmed the PlayStation VR will arrive this October with a price tag of $399, and according to Best Buy RIGS Mechanized Combat League is available for pre-order for $49.99 while PlayStation VR Worlds is listed for $39.99 on pre-order.

Thanks to for the news tip! :cool:
PlayStation VR Games Boxart.png


First I've heard of Playstation VR. Without me looking it it up is this a console or hand held device? Thanks! Edit: See that it's a Virtual Reality headset. Does it just work with the games labeled VR on the box art or will it work with all games?

$400 (headset only) & $500 for bundle for a darn video game headset? I guess we could say this is a gaming system on its own but it's really not because it requires to be plugged into the PS4 to work. Good grief! What a price tag! ;)
I am happy with my current VR headset which came with Samsung S7 Edge. It's amazing but I ain't going to spend more on another VR set just to play games on the console. Makes no sense to me :p.
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