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RPG collectible card, tactical strategy and fantasy game Pox Nora is coming to PS4 this May 23rd allowing players to build a deck of runes and wage war as eight factions battle for supremacy. :sneaky:

Below is the official PlayStation 4 announcement trailer video alongside some additional details from Desert Owl Games CMO Linsay Craten, to quote:

In Pox Nora, players command Champions who battle across a battlefield where tactical thinking and strategic movements are necessary. The goal is to destroy your opponent’s shrine while capturing Nora fonts, which provide more resources and act as new spawn points for your Champions.

But there’s a twist: each Champion is one of more than 2,700 you can collect and choose from when building your deck before each match.

To celebrate the console debut, Desert Owl is giving PS4 players an exclusive pack of eight unique versions of venerable Pox Nora hero characters, while PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive exclusive versions of eight Pox Nora Angels, a collection of extremely powerful cards.

PC players wanting to make the switch to PS4 can easily copy their data. Whether your friends are playing on PS4, PC, or Mac, cross play is supported.

Pox Nora PS4 Announcement Trailer and Release Date Details.jpg