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Hy folks!
  • First i'd like to say there is are a lot of rumors going on lately around lv0.2 (.2) file
  • and i want to clear things up for in the future!
  • How it works now..
  • First gen. and 2k consoles doesn't got .2 stored onboard,
  • what means you're able to install a 4.25 CFW over OFW till version 4.25
  • The same works for downgrade pups since lv0 and lv1 are known.
  • Latest models like 3/4k are different story since lv0 got leaked on 4.21.
  • This was a bullet in the hart for sony!
  • The only step they could reach was new hardware like 3/4k (with .2 onboard)
  • Means the exploit got fixed onboard the hardware!
  • The only options for now are try to revoke the pup key from pup's starting on 3.60+
  • So lv0 would give access again to install a CFW over OFW.
  • For downgrade pup you need to patch the pup key on the fw.
  • This would only be a fix to 1st gen. and 2k models.
  • Because 3/4k has it onboard..
  • To fix this we need to get bootldr keys again since keys got scrambled after 4.25 and .2 got added in the pup.
  • Yes.. lv0.2 is the new lv0 for latest models.. also known as a new meta-data.2
  • So bootldr and EID will be needed to calc per console.
  • Same story to dump the meta from it and get Metldr.
  • If you came that far and also got the appldr's its good like done..
  • Rumors said the meta-exploit doesn't work anymore on latest.. well..
  • it works actually.. JuanNadie mentioned this before in old days when the new data got released.
  • Thx for reading and hope this takes away a lot of questions with people that love the PS3!
  • Further i leave some old/new hashes + few info from the .2 file below!
  • .2 File
  • File extension: 2
  • File Name lv0.2
  • File Size 1,25 KB (1.280 bytes)
  • File Type: IBM Voice Type Language Script Data File
  • File Metadata /
  • MIME Type application/octet-stream
  • $$$ OS/2 archive file (i.e. archives$.$$, keys$.$$)
  • PS3 PUP .2 Offset: 0x00320340
  • Tools that helps ya out:
  • - Open/Extract LZH/LHA (Ubuntu)
  • - Lha for Windows - GnuWin32
  • Original text (binary only)
  • Original bytes 534345000000000200000001000001e0000000000000050000... (length=1280)
Adler32                     7d989642
md5                     396b6e38f0a8866210c5b28114bba1a0
LM                     b936efcc19bb3bd8fad3ac5e806d6b60
NTLM                     31d6cfe0d16ae931b73c59d7e0c089c0
sha1                     2f5135c9e575f770907997f6484ba914116ebb87
FingerPrint               28314542970c5afd6e1cd159e12a9cf5b5659d8d
Formated FingerPrint      28:31:45:42:97:0C:5A:FD:6E:1C:D1:59:E1:2A:9C:F5:B5:65:9D:8D
sha256                     ad23a9e1ef255db449b05aed3a1655c9d76dadc174755816cb69ed07c5b63ba8
FingerPrint               7f165b93b0b64d7bdb3f339a8a9b6955330a564d1f8f4819551e7ffc74c21b1a
Formated FingerPrint      7F:16:5B:93:B0:B6:4D:7B:DB:3F:33:9A:8A:9B:69:55:33:0A:56:4D:1F:8F:48:19:55:1E:7F:FC:74:C2:1B:1A
sha384                     141d2dd6f5e9e1741f9e2148f2814d1b035ac853a5a53f4e94e07278f4c41b8fa32bd39426dfb061973a5f39e1d82005
FingerPrint               c38793563d32c8cd84d82058d3e2ff8266a93fad73d875e7e8aa5effe114502e82d296675ddd6b60864b2ac02fe44622
Formated FingerPrint      C3:87:93:56:3D:32:C8:CD:84:D8:20:58:D3:E2:FF:82:66:A9:3F:AD:73:D8:75:E7:E8:AA:5E:FF:E1:14:50:2E:82:D2:96:67:5D:DD:6B:60:86:4B:2A:C0:2F:E4:46:22
sha512                     c2d7604a5a364c835378c7c1a5bb6802e54966cfe23c398ed7b42b29058670ff3e9dd49c6923e108a62fe99217b04b3f4faed899f8b51d49f1355136631a4647
FingerPrint               0d9f1032e75f5325ef62baa69f7a66290777503fde3e1082ee38910299c73228063d96bac5bcc9f0082efebd4d19222123e8397ff3aa69152adb00679f8336c9
Formated FingerPrint      0D:9F:10:32:E7:5F:53:25:EF:62:BA:A6:9F:7A:66:29:07:77:50:3F:DE:3E:10:82:EE:38:91:02:99:C7:32:28:06:3D:96:BA:C5:BC:C9:F0:08:2E:FE:BD:4D:19:22:21:23:E8:39:7F:F3:AA:69:15:2A:DB:00:67:9F:83:36:C9

md5(md5())    5396dcab00ee1fd4e899863132258345
MySQL4.1+    8b4d0f8ed04bb7f1dca6d1e690c586098cc2a018
ripemd160    b4d8863396a677d9b6c4ae07fc51370769d95df4
whirlpool    1c10e65328d93dc5da320a3395bfe059bb7e29d0003bd77aa14280a221c19b10efa4894ac0b58622d1d6a63408f45a7ae850207fb3dba32f7f664b293dc22373
adler32           7d989642
crc32           d0f40b33
crc32b           7df42a85
fnv1a32           158e765d
fnv1a64           027ea70fa906db1d
fnv132           aa5a2c91
fnv164           b039dc6bd820f491
gost           b8ce110dfba58cb5e9e42ed8eed0ef06b5e996c6942b0c5b7a69447caaf22213
gost-crypto    cbdb87bd2cd824fd23f2456d1c70796e8d42e3d02a5cadece7fc20baa3606123
haval128,3    5dc2b2754897839a6431ebf8813b89dc
haval128,4    ef16f0732740ad1dc668d22d8030f34c
haval128,5    1c4fd7209ccd5b863ae1e3bce6f11ee0
haval160,3    0569ff6163160b4c027b5965b8346296772a3046
haval160,4    55a6ae23dfb59245ca77d6b7ae5e3fc55c912650
haval160,5    a60620d2f6f5ad191e486a8015a43c21a4f7df93
haval192,3    b670edce557673430996db71f272168a2e53b37b15af31fd
haval192,4    eacda42e115ed23fccb3eb656fe14e90fa2ee8c8b4e03cb1
haval192,5    8987c721b795d0959f94b5255c3a48599e927b9e4e5b25b4
haval224,3    858093caef16d191b2850d2283b08c3839c88f5d6e2a8f375cbf3718
haval224,4    af1c0a850cb556cb89a965eb95f49fd2638ab77e8bc0f29286db575f
haval224,5    87bb304d81b90b42231bc408013f5c22ee43f2be5dd31e0ecaecff28
haval256,3    e6190a0ac3f474488a1ee8c80c1728fb9e36b9efc7d85a20a821dae2141538ce
haval256,4    c567680cea149c7c8d085eebb37242bd88e47563351df154741233cebd39e069
haval256,5    8a1a434d4fccb03af1ea47d94399cc15c278b709dd5626b973e4c5136b84a077
joaat           b8927537
md2           b896c528947226b1869af5cd9a7a9235
md4           011dcf22f77ce22bb00627882e63e49e
ripemd128    b7696c69f62ab4a6593f58b4cf22ac2c
RipeMD160    b4d8863396a677d9b6c4ae07fc51370769d95df4
ripemd256    0ca123217f0bb5b5df6cdf86f8ce986c257e132fa66ec213797e5cbcece5d249
ripemd320    4f50a9d0f66048aac63b670fccf7df0513ebf23a1f7e3e0f4d12dcd27f1d2734f553122f5e1e5406
sha224           0c7eafa2c845e85e05d032b73e8767a90fd2c6ffe4b750c0d2511dc4
snefru           294e7c32d19f9e9ef50ca19a21b1f2b08d057e05e2760c4416bb7f45263cb093
snefru256    294e7c32d19f9e9ef50ca19a21b1f2b08d057e05e2760c4416bb7f45263cb093
tiger128,3    114d1f0e930650cb792dc5c698a91852
tiger128,4    c4e9b1809cbc5dbea82ab58178e45783
tiger160,3    114d1f0e930650cb792dc5c698a918527ee87133
tiger160,4    c4e9b1809cbc5dbea82ab58178e45783069ac341
tiger192,3    114d1f0e930650cb792dc5c698a918527ee871337b996eb9
tiger192,4    c4e9b1809cbc5dbea82ab58178e45783069ac3414a905c5d
Whirlpool    49911838bb84c195398fa182a354f3accfb83f1638fdad916acac83f1b244f9e888788137f38ca0928e5312213b7526f48dfd97fb083577e7160c7aeaa3908a1
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Mod/Dev ~Team_Zer0~
while you are correct on what you said about 3.55 and cfw.. @mcmrc1 i think... you read wrong what he wrote.. lolz just read it again.
I know its confusing people when they scrambled keys.
But to answer that question @mcmrc1
When have acces on lv0 the rest doesn't matter anymore,
because lv0 reads on boot and load metldr meta trough bootldr.
:idea: Reminder: Those without a Verified Badge yet on Discord to access the private areas we recommend Joining Us! Why? The waiting process takes a week for new Members, and there's a lot we're unable to share on public forums including the latest PS4 PKG Games. 🏴‍☠️


This is very good news for OFW ps3 users..But now ps3 generation is finish now we are waiting for PS4 CFW
I think PS3 analysis it's not finished yet until it's totally uncovered. You shouldn't have high hopes for a full jailbreaked PS4 if the best guys can't get into the latest PS3 models :(


Well, that was interesting information. I hope, there will be a way to install cfw ower 3.70 in public, so i can do it. Cause' it's pretty difficult to get nand dumper in Russia today for some reasons :noexpression:. Anyway, guys, good job!


Friends, Why is the topic not active? :( very much get CFW on 400x series (OR downgraded on factory 4.21 ?).

metldr2 saved on NOR flash (400x) ?

P.s. sorry my english is bad


Staff Member
It is now, with your reply on the topic :D

I think a lot of people are off enjoying the summer weather also... come back-to-school time things will begin to heat up is my guess :cool:
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