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Yesterday we saw the release of PS4 AIO v1.4.0 for PS4 4.05 Firmware, and today following @irefuse's OpenWRT fork of @Al Azif's PS4 Exploit Host comes a video guide on how to install GTA 5 Mods on PS4 4.05 by @Reazer on his YouTube Channel for PlayStation 4 game modders to check out below. :)

Download: / GIT

To quote from the PS4 Exploit Host for OpenWRT

OpenWRT fork of

How to install

opkg update
opkg install wget openssl-util
  • Script install python3, git, openssh-sftp-server.
  • Make changes in dnsmasq config and hosts file.
  • Create service of ps4-exploit-host server.
What is this?

This is an easy way for anyone to host their own exploit for the PS4 on your OpenWRT router. features include:
  • Hosts your choice of exploit (Specter, IDC, and XVortex included)
  • Sends your choice of payload after a successful exploit
  • Blocks PSN domains from resolving (Stops accidental updates)
  • Serves the 4.05 update to your PS4
If you do not want to host the package youself set your DNS to This has all of the features listed above except the payload sender. The exploit can be accessed from the User's Manual page in your settings.

How to run as payload mode

Stop service and start payload mode
/etc/init.d/ps4-exploit-host stop
/etc/init.d/ps4-exploit-host payload
After payload has been loaded break the script (Ctrl+C) and start the service by this command
/etc/init.d/ps4-exploit-host start
How to use the updater
  1. Follow the "How to run" section for your OS until it says to come here
  2. Put the system update in the updates folder as PS4UPDATE_SYSTEM.PUP
    • Optionally put the recovery update in the updates folder as PS4UPDATE_RECOVERY.PUP

      SYS SHA-256: D0C46E3CAADE956CABCBD20313A8EAB48DDBF3BC3129F3144926BECCFE3D36C4

      REC SHA-256: B74CE16802CD7EC05158C1035E09A3131BC1D489DA2B4EF93B2C6029D9CA2BFA


  5. There should be a different page on the System Software Update > View Details option on the PS4. It'll be obvious!
    • The PS4 isn't using the right DNS if you get the standard Sony changelog page. STOP IMMEDIATELY AND RESTART THE ENTIRE PROCESS
  6. Run a system update on your PS4 system.

  7. Return to the "How to run" section

Script Related

Before seeking help run though the following list:
  • Use the most recent release. Feel free to believe that the Python 2 release works better... I won't support it anymore.
    • "The Python 3 release cause a kernel panic, but the Python 2 release works." The exploit sent is the same, you just got unlucky, try again...
  • Follow the directions exactly, don't try to get fancy then come for help
  • If the server starts (It gives you an IP and hasn't errored out) and you can't connect from your PS4 with 99.99% certainty your firewall/anit-exploit is blocking it. This accounts for nearly all of the issues users have. I'm getting real tired of me saying it's the firewall and after an hour remote troubleshooting (Which is not fun) it ends up being the firewall like I said in the first place
  • In your command prompt run python --version or python3 --version to make sure you have Python 3 installed correctly
  • Disable other networking apps that may interfere with the script (Skype, Discord, Torrent Clients, XAMPP, Firewalls, etc)
  • It is normal to get some errors (PSN & NAT) while running the network test. This proves the PSN domains are blocked correctly.
Exploit/Payload Related

These are NOT related to this script in any way, but rather the exploits/payloads themselves:
  • Make sure your PS4's firmware is on 4.05 exactly. There is no downgrading. If you are above 4.05 you're out of luck for now.
  • Sending multiple payloads doesn't always work (Exploit may not be set up for it).
  • The PS4 can get a kernel panic and just shutoff. Physically unplug the power for a second, then power it back on.
  • "Out of Memory" errors while loading the exploit page are normal, restart your PS4 if you get a lot of them in a row.
  • The integrated FTP Payload takes a minute to start the FTP server. Be patient and try again in a few seconds.
  • Other FTP payloads must be compiled or hex edited with your PS4's/Computer's IP.
  • FTP payloads do not have full access under Specter's exploit.
  • You must leave the exploit page open for FTP to work.
  • IDC's exploit page doesn't completely load even when it works.
  • Al-Azif, Specter, IDC, qwertyoruiopz, Flatz, CTurt, Mistawes, XVortex, Anonymous, crypt0s, etc
PS4 4.05 GTA 5 Mod Tutorial
PS4 4.05 GTA 5 Mod Tutorial by Reazer, PSExploit Host for OpenWRT.jpg



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Didn't get it to work. Gave up half way.
Would be easier to have a menu like the 1.76 one like going to the site on ps4 and inject the payload.


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@cabronez I have everything setup the way i want. irfuse's not working right on my Openwrt router. How do i provide DNS from my router in your setup above? I have everything in the/www folder as described and the site i cloned from Al-azif's site is working if i access from the computer. I just cant get it to load on the ps4, neither user guide or ps4 browser works!

Thanks in advance


@kylum I wrote this today for another user to use PS4HEN without another device (we'll use the router) or bin payload file, it can help you:

In order to get this working you must use your router as DNS resolver on PS4.

1) Install uhttpd (if you have LuCI you probably already have it) and dnsmasq

2) Download this PS4HEN version: PS4HEN_405exploit.tar

3) Remap “” in dnsmasq by editing the file “/etc/dnsmasq.conf”

Add at the end:

address=/[your router ip]



4) Go to User's Guide and check its URL. This URL is based on system's language. If yours is set to English probably your URL is:

"en" in this URL means "English"

We already faked the first part of this URL on Step 3, now we need to fake another part ("document/en/ps4")

5) Go to the directory "www"

cd /www

Make this path according to your URL:

mkdir -p document/en/ps4

Get into it:

cd document/en/ps4

6) Copy all PS4HEN files (the file you downloaded above already extracted) to "/www/document/en/ps4"

Doing this the final part of the URL ("index.html") is complete.

If everything was done correctly now you just need to go to User's Guide to load PS4HEN.


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Thanks. I did exactly that previously. However i figured out that there is an issue with connecting to my router on any other device on my network so i believe this is my issue. I just reset OpenWrt to default and after setting up everything i need in my network first, i will report back if i got it working.

Got it working. it was my router configuration the whole time. I am getting an error when loading the User Guide about site certification not matching but it works once selecting yes to proceed. Thanks for the help @cabronez. Your first post was detailed enough for me but im sure others will like the writeup.

Happy People

Not sure if anyone has done this with their OpenWRT/LEDE router but I was able to get the latest al-azif exploit host working. Spent a couple of nights redoing the code and got it to work last night. I don't have a github account but I can zip up what I have on my router and upload for anyone. As long as you follow the OP's instructions for the initial install, you should be able to delete the folder on the router and upload the new files. Restart the service and done.
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