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Just for inform everyone all my Cheats.PKGs for PS4 are up to date on my Patreon Page in the Public Section, so all people can download my PS4 Cheats.FPKGs PlayStation 4 Fake Packages now!

Archive currently includes 30 titles, 46 Versions ID and 77 MD5 Checksum already available!

For PS4 Cheater, you can download my own modded Al-Azif Exploit Host v0.46 A1. All Payloads is included. (52 Payloads at total)

Last update 10 October 2018 - Online since August

You can take a look here :

Image Alpha 1:
Image Alpha 1-1.jpg

Image Alpha 1-2.jpg

Image Alpha 1-3.jpg

Image Alpha 1-4.jpg

Image Alpha 1-5.jpg

Image Alpha 1-6.jpg

Image Alpha 1-7.jpg

Image Alpha 2:
Image Alpha 2-1.1.jpg

Image Alpha 2-2.2.jpg

Image Alpha 2-3.3.jpg

Image Alpha 2-4.4.jpg

Image Alpha 2-5.5.jpg

Image Alpha 2-6.6.jpg

Image Alpha 2-7.7.jpg

Spoiler: Legacy Images


Have a great week-end dear friends :)


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Update: Info For All

News on my Patreon ! New Titles Releases :
  • God of War III Remastered - CUSA01623 & CUSA01715 [v1.01]
  • Yooka Laylee - CUSA05721 & CUSA05751 [v1.01 & v1.03]
Has been added !

Fix Codes For Available Games :
  • Mafia III - CUSA03617 & CUSA03652 [v1.01 & v1.09]
New codes addition & fix for "Money" code.

New MD5 Checksum Addition :
  • Mafia III - CUSA03617 [v1.01] :
    50E655058B78D89E3F738DCB7D0BB7D8 (Mikado)
  • Mafia III - CUSA03652 [v1.01]
    8F38ABC9413A58A5DCEE048935AE3F62 (Mikado)
  • Yooka Laylee - CUSA05721 & CUSA05751 [v1.01]
    8FB498C39C7216080C416B3030DDC7A6 (Mikado)
News MD5 added! Thanks to Mikado to have shared these Fpkgs Remarried and ready to use!

[All Cheats Patterns Are Created By : JgDuff]

Its now already : 80 Titles, 148 Versions ID & 287 Versions MD5 Checksum Are Available!

Enjoy ;)


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Update: Info For All

Update Of My Exploit Host 09 May 2019 Available on my Patreon too!

Exploit Host RC2 Al-Azif Modded By JgDuff----> I Am Proud To Offer You The Last Update RC2 Of The Exploit Host Al-Azif Alway Modded By Myself & Updated / Build Latest Payloads By My Care.

Many new things to discover some of which are here:
  • Addition Of Custom Editing Menu For The Exploit Host By Pressing "L2" On The Home Page. (Choose Your Background Image And More)
  • Added Latest Info Payloads From "Info JgDuff" Button (On Pages With Payloads ... On The Main Page You Will Have A Description Of What's New On RC2)
  • Remote Package Installer Compatible Directly From The Exploit Host. (From the FTP & Remote 5.05 Menu)
  • Complete Recast Of The Exploit Host
  • Offline Mode 100% Functional ...... Finally!
  • (Only The Main Page Takes Exactly 30Secs Before Displaying. All The Others Works Normally)... Etc !
For Those Who Are Well Attached To Their Habits, I Leave Alpha Version 1 And I Continue To Update The Two Versions To Satisfy Everyone

Added HEN v2.0 [Sistro]----> Very Interested Features Describe
On The GitHub Of Sistro For This Payload Release There Are A Dozen Of Hours:
  • Homebrew Enabler
  • Jailbreak
  • Sandbox Escape
  • Debug Settings
  • External HDD Support
  • VR Support
  • Remote Package Install
  • Rest Mode Support
Is This The Version 2.0 So Expected ? ..... No Confirmation For The Moment But All That Remains Is Look Very Useful!

Download the exploit host and his 91 useful payloads:



IMGS Host RC2 :


IMGS Host Alpha 1 :


Enjoy! ;)


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Update: Info For All

Update Of My Exploit Host 11 May 2019 Available on my Patreon too!
  • Added Linux ldr Internal HD [CedSaill]---->
Now You Can Launch Your
Linux Distributions On PS4 Internal Hard Disk While Enjoying Latest "Vulkan" Video Features.
So You'll Have Much Faster Loading Time Than On External Hard Disk
  • Added Fan Ctrl 75c [Ethylamine]---->
I have Built One Last Fan Control Version Configured At 75 Degrees Celcius. You Will Now Have The Choice Between
50 Degree Celcius Up to 75 Degree Celcius For More Control.
  • Added Some Minor Fixes Of The Exploit Host [JgDuff]---->
Simply A Couples Of Oversights For RC2 Version Only.

Download the exploit host and his 93 useful payloads:




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Update: Info For All

Update Of My Exploit Host 13 May 2019 Available on my Patreon too!
  • Added HEN v2.1.1 [NulledPointer] ---->
With Fixes To Fix Some Bugs In Some Games In 5.05
+ All The Advantages Of Version 2.0.
Follow The About Button From The Exploit Host To See All
The News & Updates Of This HEN.
  • HEN 1.7 Full API Section Are Deleted ---->
I Finally Managed To Fix/Built Latest Payloads For HEN 1.8 And + Causants A Kernel Panics In v1.7. Now Everything Works Under One Section.
  • Replacing API Sections By Section HEN API Full Set 5.05 ---->
All APIs Are Now Gathered In The Same Section.
All Works On Any Versions Of HEN Now Without Any Kernel Panics
With HEN v1.7.
Only The MemAPI Server Payload Is Not Compatible With The HEN v1.7. (It was designed like that)

At the end, it will lighten the exploit host by making it pass from 93 payloads to 79 payloads. For Caching Is Very Useful.

Download the exploit host and his 79 useful payloads:


New IMGS :

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