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Just for inform everyone all my Cheats.PKGs for PS4 are up to date on my Patreon Page in the Public Section, so all people can download my PS4 Cheats.FPKGs PlayStation 4 Fake Packages now!

Archive currently includes 30 titles, 46 Versions ID and 77 MD5 Checksum already available!

For PS4 Cheater, you can download my own modded Al-Azif Exploit Host v0.46 A1. All Payloads is included. (52 Payloads at total)

Last update 10 October 2018 - Online since August

You can take a look here :

Image Alpha 1:
Image Alpha 1-1.jpg

Image Alpha 1-2.jpg

Image Alpha 1-3.jpg

Image Alpha 1-4.jpg

Image Alpha 1-5.jpg

Image Alpha 1-6.jpg

Image Alpha 1-7.jpg

Image Alpha 2:
Image Alpha 2-1.1.jpg

Image Alpha 2-2.2.jpg

Image Alpha 2-3.3.jpg

Image Alpha 2-4.4.jpg

Image Alpha 2-5.5.jpg

Image Alpha 2-6.6.jpg

Image Alpha 2-7.7.jpg

Spoiler: Legacy Images


Have a great week-end dear friends :)


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@Beshlik : Look on the post #390 now. Just above your message. ;)

Update: Info For All

Update Of My Exploit Host 14 May 2019 Available on my Patreon too!
  • Withdrawal From HEN v2.1.1 [NulledPointer]---->
After The Last Info, This Assumption "Dev" Renamed SiSTRo 2.0 Work 2.1.1 Without Bringing Real Change to HEN. I Took The Decision To Withdraw This Payload And from the same blow, You Make My Apologies For This. Many People Are Unfortunately Having It.
  • Optimization Of Some Pop-Up Messages---->
To Avoid Having Confirmation Messages "Pop-Up" Not Adapted After The Execution Of A Payload.
  • Last Fan Control Adjustment---->
The Configuration
This Will Now Be 50° Up To 80° In Amount By Bound Of Two. Confirmation Pop-Up Messages Have Been Adjusted Too.

Download the exploit host and his 88 useful payloads:




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For the next, please make the step to make your account in "Verified" status to have access to the next news on my new thread named JgDuff in the private section.

Click here for start the step : Make Your Account Verified

Its the only way so that i can edited my post for the cheats and exploit host on the long term because the flow of PSXHAX is for the news only and it is not editable.

Thank you for your understanding and I'll see you again very soon on
the JgDuff thread. ;)
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