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Following my PS4Reaper and PS4Reaper Multitrainer releases, I present to you the PS4 Droid Trainer edition.

As its name suggests, it is a PS4 cheat loader for Android that can handle all PlayStation 4 game trainers made by PS4Reaper (191 trainers at the moment of writing).

Download: PS4Reaper.PS4DroidTrainer.apk (Latest Version 1.2) (New Client Host) / Mirrors

Spoiler: Legacy Versions

PS: This tool can be used online or offline.

How to use it:
  1. At first launch, give permission to the tool to access file then reboot (this step is needed in Android 6.0+)
  2. Update trainer list for offline use (trainer will be stored in your internal storage)
  3. Make sure your PS4 IP match the one in th app
  4. Inject Hen then WebRTE (use binloader or original on your PS4 side)

    PS4 Droid Trainer Game Cheats on Android (Online and Offline).jpg

  5. Now click on offline or online (the app will auto detect your CUSA and if a trainer is available it will show) if you don't find your CUSA, don't worry just search by name (trainer with different CUSA will work if it have the same version)
PS4 Droid Trainer Game Cheats on Android (Online and Offline) 2.jpg

This tool was tested on android 5.1, 6.0 and 8.0 For help and bug report join PS4 Game Modding Community on Discord.

Special thx goes to @hejran7 for testing and reporting bugs.

PS4 Droid Trainer 5.05 Tutorial
Tutorial - PS4 Droid Trainer - Inject cheats from Android device to modded PS4 via Zoilus

:arrow: Update: In related news, TetzkatLipHoka (TLH) recently made available RAN SHNInjector for injecting trainer files with Firmware 5.05 / 6.72 / 7.02 alongside some revisions below via

Download: RAN_SHNInjector_v1.07.7z (17.45 MB) / RAN_-_SHNInjector_v1.08.7z (7.4 MB) / RAN_-_SHNInjector_v1.09_full_covers.rar (31.0 MB) / RAN_-_SHNInjector_v1.11.7z (7.5 MB)

To quote, roughly translated: RAN - SHNInjector 1.08 FW 5.05 / 6.72 / 7.02 (Trainer for PS4) by TetzkatLipHoka (TLH)


  • On the PS4: Launch HEN then Launch Bin loader
  • On the PC in RAN SHNInjector put the IP of the PS4 then connect and Payload (choose your FW before)
  • If the injection works we see PS4 debug by jogolden edited by DeathRGH on the PS4
  • Click on connect
  • Then launch a game and choose the game to cheat.
RAN SHN-Injector v1.00 is now public, it will replace PS4 MultiTrainer.

  • Resumes what PS4 MultiTrainer does (Code injection, ListUp ..)
  • Supports * .shn and * .mc4
  • Displays file information instead of file names
  • Code validation (the memory will be checked after loading the Trainer, broken codes or codes that do not correspond to your version will be visually deactivated and cannot be applied)
  • Code detection (code states will be reloaded from memory when the trainer is loaded) - Sort by name, ID, CUSA or Modder (ascending / descending)
  • Suspension of the attachment / game during code injection is optional
  • Themes: Carbon Black, Windows White - Cover Download (I DO NOT RECOMMEND downloading the entire cover collection this way, it will work, but downloading the covers with single downloads will take a LOT of time, you have been warned).
NOTE: Some covers / games have been removed from PSN-DB and these covers can no longer be downloaded.

RAN SHN-Injector v1.03:


  • Included Payload 6.72
RAN SHN-Injector v1.04:


  • Displays the file date in a new column which can be used for sorting (like other columns via double click) and can be used for history / recently modified sort
  • File size is significantly reduced
  • Avoid some false positive with A/V...
  • Fixed issue with single byte codes which was always disabled.
  • Days gone codes have also been fixed, the new infinite ammunition correctly handles Molotovs ... sorry for the problem.
NOTE: Those of you suffering from a save bug: use the code and craft 'Molotov: Ignore Crafting Limit' until you are back to your current maximum.

RAN SHN-Injector v1.06:


  • Added a multitude of themes.
RAN SHN-Injector v1.08:


  • Support for SHN / MC4 / JSON formats
  • File Drag & Drop - Multi-Language (German, English, Arabic)
RAN SHN-Injector v1.09:


  • Bug fix on JSON formats
  • Universal Payload Note: The download of the covers is around fifteen mega.
  • Complete Pack: Latest version 1.09 available with covers and trainer pack from 04/05/2021.
  • RAN_-_SHNInjector_v1.09_full_covers.rar - bugged cheats have been removed (bad CUSA) - all covers are present.
  • Included Hollow - Shn-File Editor v0.55
Showcase PS4 RAN SHN Injector by TLH
RAN SHN Injector by TLH PlayStation 4
RAN SHNInjector by TetzkatLipHoka (TLH).png

RAN SHNInjector 1.08 by TetzkatLipHoka (TLH).png



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I added the v1.2 link to the OP, but from a PC with FireFox using various VPNs in different countries (US, Russia, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, UK, etc) it only loads the page with WordPress includes directory PHP errors.

If anyone has a mirror of the working v1.2 on a free file-sharing host we'll add it to the OP for the time being thanks!
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