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WW2 Stuff

#region Wold War II

    WW2_MP_1_11_clientIndex = 0x6180,
    WW2_MP_1_11_playerState = 0xC9C8318 - 0x400000,

    WW2_MP_1_11_client_freeze = WW2_MP_1_11_playerState + 0x03,
    WW2_MP_1_11_client_disableFriction = WW2_MP_1_11_playerState + 0x09, //0x01 || 0x00
    WW2_MP_1_11_client_disableLook = WW2_MP_1_11_playerState + 0x0A, //0x01 || 0x00
    WW2_MP_1_11_client_disableMovement = WW2_MP_1_11_playerState + 0x0C, //0x01 || 0x00
    WW2_MP_1_11_client_disableWeapon = WW2_MP_1_11_playerState + 0x0D, //0x01 || 0x00
    WW2_MP_1_11_client_weaponFlag = WW2_MP_1_11_playerState + 0x12, //(0x00 - default) || (0x01 - laser) || (0x20 - disable weapons)
    WW2_MP_1_11_client_fofFlag = WW2_MP_1_11_playerState + 0x14, //(0x02 - third person) || (0x10 - red boxes)
    WW2_MP_1_11_client_x = WW2_MP_1_11_playerState + 0x2C,
    WW2_MP_1_11_client_y = WW2_MP_1_11_playerState + 0x30,
    WW2_MP_1_11_client_z = WW2_MP_1_11_playerState + 0x34,
    WW2_MP_1_11_client_ammoRes1 = WW2_MP_1_11_playerState + 0x594,
    WW2_MP_1_11_client_ammoRes2 = WW2_MP_1_11_playerState + 0x5BC,
    WW2_MP_1_11_client_ammo1 = WW2_MP_1_11_playerState + 0x6C0,
    WW2_MP_1_11_client_ammo2 = WW2_MP_1_11_playerState + 0x6D8,
    WW2_MP_1_11_client_ammo3 = WW2_MP_1_11_playerState + 0x6F0,
    WW2_MP_1_11_client_fov = WW2_MP_1_11_playerState + 0x57BC,
    WW2_MP_1_11_client_teamFlag = WW2_MP_1_11_playerState + 0x595C,
    WW2_MP_1_11_client_name = WW2_MP_1_11_playerState + 0x59A6,
    WW2_MP_1_11_client_tracers = WW2_MP_1_11_playerState + 0x59D1, //0x01 || 0x00

    WW2_ZM_1_11_client_ammoRes1 = WW2_MP_1_11_playerState + 0x5A8,
    WW2_ZM_1_11_client_ammoRes2 = WW2_MP_1_11_playerState + 0x5E4,
    WW2_ZM_1_11_client_ammoRes3 = WW2_MP_1_11_playerState + 0x5F8,
    WW2_ZM_1_11_client_ammo1 = WW2_MP_1_11_playerState + 0x6C0,
    WW2_ZM_1_11_client_ammo2 = WW2_MP_1_11_playerState + 0x6D8,
    WW2_ZM_1_11_client_ammo3 = WW2_MP_1_11_playerState + 0x708,
    WW2_ZM_1_11_client_ammo4 = WW2_MP_1_11_playerState + 0x720,
    WW2_ZM_1_11_client_ammo5 = WW2_MP_1_11_playerState + 0x738,
    WW2_ZM_1_11_client_points = WW2_MP_1_11_playerState + 0x5A94,

    WW2_MP_1_11_entityIndex = 0x418,
    WW2_MP_1_11_gEntity = 0xC628A10 - 0x400000,
    WW2_MP_1_11_entityHealth = WW2_MP_1_11_gEntity + 0x2DC,


Andrew Chanel

could you told me the exact executable you use, i've trying without results, im using nioh duplex version 1.0, and i capable to find amrita, gold or any of the objects in the list, its the first time i tried so im very newbie.


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Not to be a dick but I would like to keep this thread open so could we just stay on topic.

From what I understand this is for offset drops not how or why thread. Correct. Got a problem or question keep it in the Ps4 cheater thread or somewhere else no sense in this thread if you have to comb thru 150 pages.

I was pumped until I saw all the questions. This thread is junk already. Poopy. Can we just have a thread for just codes /offsets. No point in it if there are 100 pages of questions and 3 of actual code.

But great attempt @DeathRGH
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