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Following the GhidraPS4Loader, GhidraOrbisTools PS4 Loader and his recent PS4 Crash Dump Decryptor Python Script today PlayStation 4 developer @SocraticBliss released via Twitter a set of PS4 Kernel Loaders for IDA 7.0+ that scene devs can work with. šŸ’ž

Download: / / GIT

From the, to quote: PS4-Kernel-Loader

SocraticBliss (R)

Major Thanks to...
  • aerosoul
  • balika011
  • Znullptr
  • Pablo (kozarovv)
  • ChendoChap
  • xyz
  • CelesteBlue
  • kiwidogg
  • motoharu
  • noname120
  • flatz
  • Team Reswitched
Extra Special Thanks for telling me my program sucks...
  • zecoxao IDA loader for reading Sony PlayStation(R) 4 Kernel files

Installation Instructions

1. Place the file in your IDA's loaders directory
2. Load a PS4 Dumped or Decrypted Kernel
3. Select PS4 - Kernel
4. ???
5. Profit

  1. Load a PS4 Dumped (or Decrypted) Kernel file
  2. Select the option ending with []
If you have any suggestions or ideas, please feel free to create pull requests!

To make the most out of this, we have to work together!

PS4 Kernel Loaders for IDA 7.0+ Released by SocraticBliss.jpg



Sorry but this is why games are so expensive there is no reason anyone in the world should have to use an excuse like "the games are too expensive" if that is the case then you should not have a PS4.

Backups do not help anyone (apart from modders I guess) and it costs people who buy the games more in the end.

I even had the same argument with someone who lives in turkey and even proved to them that it is not the case at all and they can afford games pretty easily you can even check this for yourself here on reddit.

So by all means enjoy homebrew but do not for a second think that backups are an answer because you can't afford games or cannot budget properly.


Senior Member
Actually games are not expensive just because of "backups" or outright stealing. There's a little something called inflation that hits the cost of everything way way way worse than backups ever will.

Games with high production values take a small army to make, for physical games there's manufacturing, shipping, distribution, import taxes, insurance, the middle man and lots of other costs involved. Even for digital games, you still have lots of equipment to buy, to maintain, to pay the buildings the servers are in, insurance (again) and the taxes on that land... etc etc.

And honestly, I myself care more about the cost of everything else due to stealing.

I used to be an assistant General Manager and then a General Manager in retail and in the hospitality industry. I can tell you that the amount of theft/scamming that occurs at your local retailer like wal-mart, target, home improvement stores, supermarkets... is mind numbing. Thousands of dollars are lost DAILY (in some cases TENS of thousands of dollars) , lost - out the door every day! Not week, not month... daily!

This affects the cost of everything from cleaning products to clothing, food, building materials... everything. The impact all THAT has on your life and more specifically your wallet is far more severe and makes the whole taking games thing, look like a pebble on the beach. And when you get older and find out just how much insurance, pharmaceutical companies and corporations legally steal from YOU everyday.... you're gonna love that.

When the pills to keep you or somebody you know alive cost $2k to $18k a MONTH... or just walking into the E.R. with a mind splitting migraine costs $10k, or when you realize it costs Coca-Cola about $.35 cents to break even on a 3 liter bottle of coke but you are paying $3 for it at the supermarket, you'll see how insignificant this whole thing is.


@Zoilus exactly this as well theft is a major thing and it effects everything it's really quite shocking but your point is extremely well written and valid for all the reasons stated.

Honestly in this day and age people are not really living anymore it's all about survival it's still no excuse for theft to occur.

Anyone that tries to defend there actions are just playing themselves. Love the post and the information you posted.
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