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Recently the Scene Collective committed a PS4 Payload Repo on Github which aims to conveniently auto-generate PlayStation 4 payloads and packages when they're updated! (y)

Download: / / GIT / PS4 7.55 & 8.00 Payloads

Below are some of the PlayStation 4 payloads available thus far:
Cheers to @DEFAULTDNB for passing along the news on Twitter via MSZ_MGS earlier! šŸ»
:arrow: Also below today is a DNS Config Watchdog by @Al Azif via Figure03, and from the DNS Config Watchdog


Compiles the required files to update a BIND DNS server from a JSON file.

This method was chosen so we can use regex to make the zone files vs trying to make all the different options and manage it. The server can be easily updated from Github on a schedule by setting up a cron job to up run a git pull on this repo using a watchdog or via remote file fetching.

  • --cwd: Output the files into the current working directory. Do this before submitting a pull request, it's easy to mess up the regex. Having a single unescaped . adds a lot of broken records.
  • --remote pulls the zones.json file from the specified HTTP(S) source.
  • --watchdog: Runs the process as a watchdog to watch zone.json for modification. Cannot run with the --remote arg.
  • Paths/Filenames are all hardcoded
  • Use {{SELF}} if you'd like the IP to be the IP of the server it runs on
  • Use {{BLOCKED}} if you'd like to block that domain vs making an individual zone file for that domain
  • Careful with the regex
  • Built for Python 3.6+ on Ubuntu 18.04. You may need to tweak it to work on other systems.
  • Update pkg.c
PS4 Payload Repo to Auto-Generate Updated Payloads and Packages.jpg


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