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Here's what claims to be a PS4 Personal Linux Loader work-in-progress without utilizing the PlayStation 4 Webkit from RoBotoX64 on Github.

This will be the forum discussion topic so if someone makes any progress with it let us know, but as @sealab noted in the Shoutbox "it's just a bunch of seemingly related code with no build instructions or binaries, no proof it's actually functional."

Github Page:

And to quote from the ps4-personal-linux-loader

Copyright Fail0Everflow And Relative Members
Use to Eductional Scope Only

Cc By DeVeL_AnoNik, RaDeNee99 , ForkusMaster And Cà§LinWin.

This is My first project, this is a Linux loader for PS4 without PS4 WebKit Exploit. It is Work only PS4 fw 4.01/4.07

Not works for PS4 fw 4.50 and later.

Thanks to @bonusball and @Wultra for the heads-up on this project in the Shoutbox!
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