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Since his TW3 PS4 Texture Patcher Tool and RE-PAK Tool to preview textures and create / extract PAKs, PlayStation 4 Scene modder @Backporter (Twitter) recently shared some updates to Github on TGA-PNG-JPG-TO-DDS alongside a work-in-progress PS4 RE Engine Texture Creator dubbed PS4-RE-TEX that supports Resident Evil / RE3 textures and Devil May Cry 5 (DMC5 .tex.11) textures for game mods. :geek:

Download: PS4-RE-TEX (Latest Version) / GIT
He has an Official PS4 Game Modding Server on Discord for those interested in his progress updates, and from the WIP file: PS4-RE-TEX

PS4 RE texture creator.


Put all the requirements in the Data Folder, extract the mod with the textures, run app, wait for it to close, and you are done. if you want mipmapping boot the app with -mm for mip-mapping to be enabled;

  • For Optimal Performance, use the mipmaping option (I've included batch files that enable the mipmaping automatically just load them).
  • Add proper Mip support (hopfully this will be in version 2.0) Done - Should be correctly working as of now. BROKEN AGAIN.. DO NOT USE.
Using RE-PAK And PS4-RE-TEX to mod RE-Engine Games On The PS4
PS4-RE-TEX PS4 RE Engine Texture Creator for Game Mods by Backporter.jpg


@Backporter Okay, you don't share that, so how is the process followed? If you don't understand, I'm using google translator and thanks for answering me.
all those batch files do is create the package (by Fake_PKG_Generator), and send it to the PS4 via remote play, this is covered already, for a tutorial on that, look at modded warfare's videos and such, i'm not going to cover it.
Ok, I'll try to do it if it fails, I'll let you know, thank you for everything

@Backporter Hello and I have been testing and I do not get anything as I have update the 1.4 has inside 4 files because the new ones that your program makes me I put 5 and 6 according to sometimes it does not open the game and other times it does not come out and I put the dresses in case maybe and nothing any solution thanks

and how could I do it manually, what program do I need to unpack and repackage