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Since the initial PS4OfflineAccountActivator by Charlyzard (Twitter) and recent PS4 7.5X Jailbreak Online Hosts from PlayStation 4 Scene developer @sleirsgoevy (Twitter) comes a PS4 Web Activator which is a straight-forward reimplementation of the previously released PS4 Offline Account Activator as a Web payload to activate PSN accounts on Jailbroken PS4 consoles for exporting save data to USB and more! 🤩

Download: / PS4 Offline Account Activator Web Version / GIT

From the, to quote: PS4 Web Activator

PS4 offline activator, reimplemented as a web payload.

Tested and proven to be working on 7.5X firmwares. Untested 6.72 and 7.02 pages are also provided.

PS4 Web Activator PS4 Offline Account Activator Reimplementation by Sleirsgoevy.jpg



Thanks fellas...
...would this be a good time to Update to latest Jb... or stay on 6.72...????

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