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Hello to everyone, following the JKPatch / MemView process memory tool I found a really good app to search for PS4 game cheats called PS4Cheater that was recently updated to PS4 Cheater 1.1 and then v1.2 by the Chinese developer via Duowan BBS.

Download: PS4Cheater_1.1.rar (Pass: ubmi) / PS4Cheater_1.1.rar (32 KB - Mirror) / PS4Cheater_1.1.rar (Mirror #2) / PS4_Cheater_1.2.rar (0.06 MB) / PS4_Cheater_4.55.rar (v1.2 Mirror) / PS4_Cheater.exe (0.05 MB) / PS4Cheat Data for dumb.rar (14.57 MB) / PS4Cheat Manager v0.1.3 (15.3 MB) / ps4cheater 1.3.7z (191 KB) / (108 KB) / (108 KB) / (109 KB) / (111 KB) / GIT / PlayStation 4 Cheater 1.4.4 / PlayStation 4 Cheater 1.4.5 / PlayStation 4 Cheater 1.4.7 / (Mirror) / GIT

In 5 minutes I found codes for HZD, Gravity Rush and Bloodborne for my 4.05 PlayStation 4 console... Good search!!!! :D

Below is a brief English guide from Pretinaverse with a follow-up HERE along with some Tales of Zestiria (CUSA02461) Cheats, and to quote roughly translated from the Chinese BBS post:


PS4Cheater PS4 Cheater Homebrew App to Find Game Cheat Codes.jpg

PS4Cheater PS4 Cheater Homebrew App to Find Game Cheat Codes 10.jpg

Resident Evil 4 & Resident Evil 5, God Of War Game Trainer Tool
The Evil Within 2 Ps4 5.05 / Infinity Heart Permanent / Deathless Cheat
KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 + 2.5 Re:Chain of Memories PS4 cheat by ssvegito



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Black Ops 3 CUSA02624
process = eboot.bin
section = [0]-33-2000070000-23296KB

hex value
1= search hex value in section [0]-33-2000070000-23296KB
2= replace the hex value on result entry points (4, 5 or 6)

1 swords_fly 73776F72645F666C6179
2 wall_power 77616C6C5F706F776572

1 arms_grace 61726D735F6772616365
2 perkaholic 7065726B61686F6C6963

1 lucky_crit 6C75636B795F63726974
2 pop_shocks 706F705F73686F636B73

1 stock_option 73746F636B5F6F7074696F6E
2 crawl_space 637261776C5F737061636500

1 now_you_see_me 6E6F775F796F755F7365655F6D65
2 shopping_free 73686F7070696E675F6672656500

1 danger_closet 64616E6765725F636C6F73657374
2 crate_power 63726174655F706F776572000000

1 always_done_swiftly 616C776179735F646F6E655F73776966746C79
2 self_medication 73656C665F6D656469636174696F6E00000000

1 arsenal_accelerator 617273656E616C5F616363656C657261746F72
2 undead_man_walking 756E646561645F6D616E5F77616C6B696E6700

1 firing_on_all_cylinders 666972696E675F6F6E5F616C6C5F63796C696E64657273
2 immolation_liquidation 696D6D6F6C6174696F6E5F6C69717569646174696F6E00

1 alchemical_antithesis 616C6368656D6963616C5F616E7469746865736973
2 near_death_experience 6E6561725F64656174685F657870657269656E6365


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I assume your talking to me? Don’t really remember. Been a while.
What I remember is you would have to be next to storage and I would drop something and real quick either pick up or store. I think the combo was XA or YX with my dog. “Dog meat glitch” not sure just search
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