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PS4 Jailbreaking       Thread starter talixme       Start date Feb 24, 2018 at 10:27 AM       918,577       2,379      
Hello to everyone, following the JKPatch / MemView process memory tool I found a really good app to search for PS4 game cheats called PS4Cheater that was recently updated to PS4 Cheater 1.1 and then v1.2 by the Chinese developer via Duowan BBS.

Download: PS4Cheater_1.1.rar (Pass: ubmi) / PS4Cheater_1.1.rar (32 KB - Mirror) / PS4Cheater_1.1.rar (Mirror #2) / PS4_Cheater_1.2.rar (0.06 MB) / PS4_Cheater_4.55.rar (v1.2 Mirror) / PS4_Cheater.exe (0.05 MB) / PS4Cheat Data for dumb.rar (14.57 MB) / PS4Cheat Manager v0.1.3 (15.3 MB) / ps4cheater 1.3.7z (191 KB) / (108 KB) / (108 KB) / (109 KB) / (111 KB) / GIT / PlayStation 4 Cheater 1.4.4 / PlayStation 4 Cheater 1.4.5 / PlayStation 4 Cheater 1.4.7 / (Mirror) / GIT / PS4_Cheater_v1.4.8(by GiantPluto).zip (91 KB - For 6.72) / PS4_Cheater_v1.4.8_Fixed_Address(by GiantPluto).zip (92 KB - PS4 Cheater 1.4.8 with 6.72 support - with disable ASLR fix. No more different addresses on each run) / GIT by GiantPluto

⛔ Warning: Never plug in a USB drive while using this to avoid a kernel panic.

The following have also been updated recently for PS4 6.72 users:
In 5 minutes I found codes for HZD, Gravity Rush and Bloodborne for my 4.05 PlayStation 4 console... Good search!!!! :D

Below is a brief English guide from Pretinaverse with a follow-up HERE along with some Tales of Zestiria (CUSA02461) Cheats, and to quote roughly translated from the Chinese BBS post:


PS4Cheater PS4 Cheater Homebrew App to Find Game Cheat Codes.jpg

PS4Cheater PS4 Cheater Homebrew App to Find Game Cheat Codes 10.jpg

Resident Evil 4 & Resident Evil 5, God Of War Game Trainer Tool
The Evil Within 2 Ps4 5.05 / Infinity Heart Permanent / Deathless Cheat
KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 + 2.5 Re:Chain of Memories PS4 cheat by ssvegito
PS4 Cheater - Making a Pointer (Short Tutorial)


Bian Zoldark

some codes for Super Robot Wars T JAP [CUSA14133]

Spoiler: SRWT

This is for 5.05 firmware, but theoretically should work for 6.72 and 7.02 because the address was stored in the executable. i think...

EDIT : it was made using ps4 cheater v1.47

Dragon Star Vanir v1.00 Backported to 5.05

Spoiler: Codes

i dont think other firmware higher than 5.05 will work, but you're welcome to try...

Ni no Kuni 1 Remaster v1.00 Backported to 5.05

Spoiler: Codes
sorry if this doesn't work.

ONINAKI V1.02 Backported to 5.05

Spoiler: Codes


ps4cheater 1.4.8 will not work no matter what on my 5.05 console, why? I get "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" and the process list never refreshes. 1.4.7 works fine but the addresses change every time making it useless.


I have connected my ps4 in the same wifi network, but after I open the ps4chetaer and enter the ip address, the ps4cheater becomes an error. is there a solution for that?


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Hi here's a little contribution from me, I'm on 5.05, I'm using PS4 Cheater v1.4.3 using contents from v1.4.7 (See Spoiler below to know why).

Spoiler: PS4 Cheater v1.4.7

Cheats: I haven't fully searched FF7&DaysGone as I'm still starting to play the game, I'm looking for SP Points for the weapons, if you guys know where those are, and XP too, if anyone knows, kindly notify me which addresses or section to look it for from eboot.bin.

Spoiler: DaysGone

Spoiler: FF7Remake

Spoiler: LEGO Movie Videogame 2

Spoiler: Nioh

Spoiler: Sekiro


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I have still playing FFVII Remake

The money code was change every time I play.

How to fix it, please advice if something to do.

E.g. 10096356B4 ----> this is your money, after I find (10102356B4) to this address. Next time address was (10112356B4) and so on.

Thank you.
PS. I used 1.4.8 and FW 6.72


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Yes, I notice the same thing, I'm sorry, I just began playing and using PS4 Cheater on FF7R recently, I also experience the same thing that you mentioned. also with sekiro (with different game save data)

So what do I do? I have been using PS4 Cheater since like a few months ago, I just try to remember where I found the values of the code I needed. For example, the money cheat keeps changing, but the sector where I find is always the same.

I always find it on eBootbin2... or something like this.. (I'll give a screenshot later on once I play again, to make it clear.)

See this photo below, if it would make sense to you.

before, I changed my Gil to 99999999 and get ...16356B4, then when I use cheater again another time, I'll find that the code changed. But when I try to find the Gil again from eBootbin2 using the values of my current Gil (not sure of the name yet, I'll give a screenshot later), I can easily find it and changed to whatever I want.

That's why I save my cheats for FF7R so when I play again from long vacation, I know which Section to look for.

My Challenge right now, is where to Find the SP Values for each Weapon. last night, I managed to find AP for Materias for Cloud, then after loading the game once more, the values changed again, so for the mean time I just keep doing the trick that I always do.

If anybody else know where to find XP and SP for each character, I'd very much appreciate it. I'm guessing it could be on the same eBootbin2 i'm using, but I keep failing, so maybe I'm also wrong.

I'm sorry, I seem to be wrong in FF7R's case, last night I give it a shot again to find the Gil in (NoName)eboot.bin[2] - 33 - 1008000000 - 131072KB but could find it. but I found it on (NoName)eboot.bin[1] - 33 - 1008000000 - 131072KB

my trick from my previous games seems inapplicable to FF7R, this trick was always working with Nioh and Sekiro, for me, but in FF7R, it appears to be moving sections too.

In any case, here's the screenshot I was saying:

This screenshot is always true for some games I have played but for FF7R, it seems to be not working, although, at least, I somehow believe that I will always find the Gil on the following:

(NoName)eboot.bin[0] - 33 - 1008000000 - 131072KB
(NoName)eboot.bin[1] - 33 - 1008000000 - 131072KB
(NoName)eboot.bin[2] - 33 - 1008000000 - 131072KB
(NoName)eboot.bin[3] - 33 - 1008000000 - 131072KB

So, why do I say this? Because scanning all sections takes a too long time, so when I managed to find the addresses I needed, I usually look for everything else I want in that section first. If I can't find it, Then I'll scan everything again.

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