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When you thought updating PlayStation 5's Firmware just to play a video game is enough hassle, Sony kicked things up a notch with confirmation on the DualSense Wireless Controller official page that their upcoming PS5 Controller's device software will also be updatable. 🙃

:idea: PS5 DualSense Controller Jailbreak ETA WEN?! 😜

Located at the bottom of the DualSense Wireless Controller page, here's what it states to quote:

Always update your PS5 system software and the wireless controller device software to the latest version.

Of course, the upside to this PlayStation 5 News is the rare chance that Sony will actually add features with new functionality to the DS5 Controller between a few dozen security and stability updates. 😏

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PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller to Have Updatable Software.jpg



if they make newer controller fw's not compatible with previous consoles, then you cant just head to your friends house and play some local multiplayer with your controller anymore.

worse than that, some ppl are going to end up with controllers they can't use if that is the case.


Senior Member
forcing 1 console to recognized by the controller and need to reset firmware to play in other console? entry point for controller to execute some command when sleep console sleep mode, root access not only for console?? even if the console breached needs pairing with the last recognized controller?


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Hopefully they make it easily plug and play on PCs without all of the effort it takes, like getting the PS4 DS4 to work on PCs.


I wonder if this will stop 3rd party controllers Like the Titon one being used or limit there use Seems Sony is going all out with updateable controllers
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