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Following the PlayStation 5 Remote JAR Loader and PS5 JAR Loader Updates comes a PS5 JAR SandBox / App0 Dumper for set-top boxes running 5.00-7.61 Firmware via AlexWhiteS on Github adapted from previous work by Hammer 83 and John Tornblom to use with PlayStation 5 Hacked consoles in the PS5Scene. :geek:

Download: / GIT

This comes proceeding the PS5 Game App0 / Patch0 Automated Dumper, App0_Testkit / Sandbox_Testkit PS5 Dumps and from the PS5 JAR SandBox/App0 Dumper for 5.00-7.61

This project is an adaptation of projects from john-tornblom for an adapted JAR loader for set-top boxes with firmware versions up to 7.61

How to Use
  1. Change local ipv4 address in source code and compile
    String serverAddress = "";
    where - your local ipv4 address on computer.
    Open cmd and say "ipconfig".
    Ethernet Ethernet Adapter:
    IPv4 address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
  2. Connect your PS5 to the same network as your computer.
  3. Burn the ISO image of the loader JAR to a BD-RE disc. A BD-R disc is also possible, but this disc is a one-time recording only: ps5-jar-loader.iso
  4. Insert the disc with the recorded image into your PS5 console and press play. You should see a message about waiting for a JAR file on ip:port
  5. On your computer, open a BASH console and enter the following command
    sudo java --add-opens java.base/jdk.internal.loader=ALL-UNNAMED -jar xploit.jar
    where - your local ipv4 address of your PS5 console. Usually this IP address is output by the JAR loader itself.
    On your PS5 console you will see a socket connection wait
  6. Open another BASH console on your computer and enter the following command
    nc -l 22052 >
    where 22052 - your port from JAR payload
    If you did not change the port in the source code, then leave it the same
  7. At the end of data collection, payload will automatically close the connection to the server and display a message about the successful sending of the file on your console
Prerequisites Compile
  • JDK 11 (PS5 uses Java 11 runtime)
  • Apache Maven
  • IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition (optional, but recommended)
PS5 JAR SandBox App0 Dumper for 5.00-7.61 FW via AlexWhiteS.png


if you have a 7.61 console and you purchased games from the store before, you can dump these games app0 and patch0, so in roughly:

you can dump your downloaded games to make a fpkg later, or share it making things easier for the people doing fpkgs of the legit games when comes a method for it.
@amiibohound I think it's the same, open or closed. With open if you need you can add more file to the BD-RE, if close you need to format to reutilize. I think nothing changes (open or close), but for me if I have to I close and if I need I format.
so, i have several things to dump that may be useful to the community. however, i’m having trouble compiling the jar file. i have java DK 11 and maven configured properly. but i’m not sure what i’m doing wrong.

has anyone in this thread successfully dumped anything using this method?

i’m on FW 6.02
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