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Following the SPIWay for PS4 update and BwE PS5 NOR Validator in development, today @Abkarino (AbkarinoMHM on Twitter) released a PS5 SPIWay utility to the PS5 Scene for dumping / flashing the PlayStation 5 SPI Flash with testing by @Centrino (Centrinouk on Twitter) allowing devs to further research Sony's next-gen console! :love:

Download: SPIWay_v0.60.rar (8.2 KB - includes SPIWay_v0.60.hex hexcode and python script)

Below are some related Tweets with additional details:

A gift for PS5 Scene, SPIWay v0.60 with support for dumping/flashing PlayStation 5 SPI Flash to allow us to do some researches on PS5. Thanks for my friend Centrinouk for testing my new version on his own PS5 console.

Change log on this version:

+ Add support for PS5 SPI Flash "W25Q16JVSNIM"
+ Code enhancement & clean up.

Actually i had developed this version more than 3 months ago, but i was so busy in my real life and job so the release was delayed so much.

If anybody interested in this tool and want to contribute to the scene, if it is possible you can dump your PS5 and modify this dump to mask all personal data if any and share this dump to allow to collect more dumps from many consoles to study it and document it in PS5DevWiki.
PS5 SPIWay for Dumping  Flashing PlayStation 5 SPI Flash by Abkarino.jpg



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Yes I developed the ps5, You didn't know? Invest your time in something better than ask nonsense questions. I didn't say it wont happen and I didn't say not now, its obvious its too early to talk about PS5 jailbreak or anything about it. No offense, just in case you take it that way. Thank You !!!!!


yay! i have a teensy ++ 2.0 i kept held of it since flashing ps3 using nandway. i can't find any map for ps5 nor chips alternate points or is it possible to use the e3 nor clip?

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