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Since the previous PS5 OFW release and recent PlayStation 5 Beta update, today Sony pushed live PS5 System Software / Firmware 6.00 (22.02- bringing with it 1440p support, gamelists and more details below. :cool:

:alert: As always, DON'T UPDATE if you wish to use PS5 Game Backups and PlayStation 5 homebrew apps, emulators, etc whenever a public PS5 Jailbreak Exploit (PS5Jailbreak Status) arrives in the PS5Scene.

Download: PS5 Firmware 06.00.00 Update (US) / PS5 Firmware 06.00.00 Update (EU) / PS5 Firmware 06.00.00 Update (UK) / PS5 Firmware 06.00.00 Update (AU/NZ) / PS5 Firmware 06.00.00 Update (JP)

Here's the PS5 v6.00 Firmware Update changelog from Sony's official page: Version: 22.02-06.00.00
  • In Game Library, you can now create custom gamelists to better organize your games.
    • You can create your gamelist within the Game Library by selecting the [Your Collection] tab.
    • Select games to add to your gamelist, and then decide what to name it.
  • We've updated the following for the Game Help feature:
    Game Help now informs you when there's help available, on both PS5 and mobile via PlayStation App.
    • You can adjust whether the Game Help notifications are displayed. On PS5, select [Settings] > [Notifi cations] > [Game Help]. On PlayStation App, select [Settings] > [Push Notifications] > [Game Help].
  • 1440p HDMI video output is now supported.
    Before use, run a test to see if your HDMI device supports 1440p output by going to [Settings] > [Screen and Video] > [Video Output] > [Test 1440p Output].
  • We've updated the following in Game Base:
    You can now request party members to start Share Screen to watch their gameplay.
    • Go to the voice chat card, select the party member you want to send the request to, and then select [Request Share Screen].
  • When you join a party, and a party member is playing a game that you can join, you'll now receive a notification. You can join the game directly from the notification.
  • When you receive a message, you can now view the sender's profile by selecting the message and pressing the options button.
  • We've updated the following for [Friend Requests].
    • When you accept a friend request in the [Received] list, you can now view your new friend's profile in [Accepted Requests].
  • In the Game Base card, you can now send stickers and voice messages to your groups.
  • The following features are added to game hubs:
    • In-progress activities can now be shown prominently at the top of the game hub to make it as easy and as fast as possible to get back to where you left off.
    • If Game Help is available for an activity, the [View Hints] button will appear.
    • In the [Videos based on your recent gameplay] section, you'll see labels for why the videos are recommended for you, such as "Fast Play", "High Score", or "performance".
  • While using the web browser, you can now select between two types of zoom functions.
    • "Zoom" lets you increase the size of the elements on the page while adjusting their layout so everything fits without having to scroll left and right.
    • "Magnify" increases the size of everything on the page without layout adjustments.
    • The maximum zoom/magnification rate is now 500%.
  • We've reorganized the 3D audio settings.
    • These settings are now under [3D Audio for TV Speakers] and [3D Audio for Headphones] in [Settings]> [Sound].
    • You can now listen and compare the difference between 3D and stereo audio on the same screen.
  • Voice Command now supports searching for content in YouTube using voice. Currently, Voice Command (Preview) is only available in English for players with PSN accounts in the US and UK.
    • From anywhere on the PS5, including during gameplay, you can say "Hey PlayStation, search for [keyword] to YouTube." The YouTube app will open and relevant search results will be shown.
    • The way you enter text using voice input has changed. Previously, if you had the screen reader turned on, you had to wait for the instructions to be read aloud before speaking into the controller to enter text using voice input. Now, you can skip the instructions by pressing the cross button.
  • The following improvements have been added to the screen reader feature.
    When controller button shortcuts for on-screen buttons are displayed, the screen reader now reads them aloud.
  • We've updated the following for Remote Play.
    • It's now easier to use the keyboard on your PC or Mac when using PS Remote Play. We've removed the text entry box so you can use your keyboard to type directly onto your PS5 or PS4. In addition to typing, you can also now use the keyboard to control games that support it.
  • Custom button assignments are now enabled in the passcode input screen.
  • We've updated the DualSense wireless controller device software to improve stability.
  • An issue causing system software errors during rest mode in some PS5 consoles was resolved.
1440p Resolution | PS5

:alert: Update: With this latest PlayStation 5 Firmware revision, @Roc6d reports on Twitter that updating the PS5 DualSense Controller Firmware appears to be mandatory now in order for it to continue functioning properly.

DualSense Controller Firmware Updater | Overview
PS5 System Software  Firmware 6.00 (22.02-06.00.00) Live, Don't Update!.jpg

PS5 System Software  Firmware 6.00 (22.02-06.00.00) Live, Don't Update!.png



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Maybe some day we get our 4.03-5.00 JB , but we have to wait.

I can't code also I can't demand a JB ... I can only hope that someone will be able to make it true and will post it for us.

I can wait, I don't play so much but i still come everyday and read the topics :)

Have a nice day/afternoon

Red Eye Jedi

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Yeah the 1440p is one I have been waiting on myself. Have a really nice curved 32" monitor with max resolution of 1440p. Much better then the old Samsung I play on for sure.
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