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Following their recent X-Project Updates, at the request of sdragon001 PlayStation 4 developers @DEFAULTDNB (aka KiiWii - Twitter) and @Leeful (Twitter) made available Pure HEN which is a child friendly, safe and easy to use super lightweight PS4 5.05 HEN loader.

Download: PURE_HEN_1.3_zip (8.07 MB) / PURE HEN (7.7 MB - Unofficial Port Edited with PS4HEN 2.1.2)

Spoiler: Depreciated

According to the Tweets below, Pure Homebrew ENabler is essentially a one-shot PS4 HEN 1.8 + VR (spoof for VR headset) exploit loader that automatically caches! :love:

Kid version Hen 1.8 Vr autopay load via UnknownGamer

From the PureHEN video's description: Kid friendly version of an auto detect FW. Boot console, auto loads kids account, navigate to www. Auto loads hen 1.8 vr payload, caches. Plain simple, easy. No messy selecting or navigating through menus to launch HEN, kid proof, no hassle.

Credit: KiiWii (DefaultDNB)

This amazing individual took an idea and made a simple easy to use for kids and the none technically inclined, you can leave your house go to work and its ok for the kids to turn on and play. Safe and easy.

Pure HEN Child Friendly Loader by DefaultDNB (KiiWii) and Leeful.jpg



This thing activates locked games?
I ask this, because other "lighweight" things, only loads something, and locked games stays locked


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@vevas this unlocks all games.

@REDXXV just host it and run it.

I will update this for latest HEN very soon. For anyone wondering HEN 2.1.1 still only works currently for rest/resume on INTERNALLY installed PKGS. (HEN 1.8 does not support rest/resume at all).

Quick update for PURE HEN: Now includes HEN 2.1 by SiSTR0, with 9.0 spoof, and rest mode for internal & external PKGs through extended storage (NOT VIA APPTOUSB).


Another small update :p

+ Hen 2.1 for 5.05
+ Updated to coexist with x-project or any other cached host.
+ Cache it at "http://<youripaddress>/purehen.html"

Spoiler: 1.2.1 update

Props @Leeful :)

Older versions are now depreciated.


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so we must use it only one time and even after reboot the console HEN will work in cache ??

I'm asking because friend don`t have a PC enable all the time when he want a play... We need PC only one time ?
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