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Last month we covered an Alexa PS4 Project, and recently developer FreeTHX shared PyWakePS4onBT which is a Python library to wakeup the PS4 console on Bluetooth for those interested in checking it out! :geek:

Download: / / GIT

And from the PyWakePs4 On BlueTooth

This is a simple Python library to switch on a ps4 using Bluetooth Based on :
The main objective is to include it into Home Assistant components to provide a "Wake Ps4 On Bt" service.

Supported Devices

The module tests the adapter support via a hci_read_local_version python implementation and read the manufacturer returned value (bytes[5:7])

Currently supported adapter :
  • Broadcom devices (manufacturer = 15)
  • Raspberry 3 devices ( Broadcom too but specific hci_read_local_version returned value)
Cheers to @HydrogenNGU for the heads-up on this PS4 homebrew scene news. :beer:

PyWakePS4 on BT Python Library to Wakeup PS4 (BlueTooth) by FreeTHX.jpg


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