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Hey, Guys! @B7U3 C50SS here with a Re-Release of sorts.

I just realized i had some old PS3 "tools" in my possession. Proxy tools to be exact.

and these ones are not only old. they can probably be used on the PS4

I do know for being precision's sake that the ps3.proxyserver CAN be used with the PS4 on PS3 mode!!

Although I am not sure about YetAnotherBypass or YAB as it is refereed to as.

Download: ps3.proxyserver.rar

@PSXHAX Shall we make this news? it's a good couple of proxy tools. and no one seems to be able to find all the files. .NET fixes and etc. which are all in this archive. it's also got the extended edition. executable file. i have collected every file necessary for a re-release. Whatcha think? :confused:
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B7U3 C50SS

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well i think it deserves to be news. When you download the installer for this tool ALL IT DOES IS tell you to download the .NET framwork and links you to a dead link from said installer for the Proxy Server GUI SETUP! I had to manually extract the files myself. @PSXHAX don't even remember what i did so i'm lucky.


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Yep, I've got to run out for a few hours but will do it tonight if you reupload a working link then :)
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