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Ok here it goes (from my thread on ReActPSN, PSNPatch, WebMAN, Rap2Rif and PS3Netsrv Tutorial

this is my first tut so bare with me (especially since im touching on alot of issues). this is the bare minimum, meaning im only touching on how to get the various programs working while not going into too much detail (just enough to get things working). the stuff im gonna cover is:

ps3netsrv is the server (computer sever) side of the ps3. you can use it to stream your backups from pc to ps3 (which means no need to store games, movies, other things on your ps3 also can install pkg files from). after you install right click on the icon and "run as administrator". when it comes up there are spaces for your share folders (c:SHARED_DIR) and there respective ports. the file structure is:

x:SHARED_DIR\GAMES (ps3iso, pspiso,dvdiso ect...)


webman allows for spoofing IDPS/PSID, loading games from lan, fan control amongst other things. once you install webman (put the sprx file in hdd0) go into webman setup/ webman setup and you will see lots of options. scroll down till you see "ip" you will want to put your computers (the cpu with your games on it)

ip address (192.168.1.xx) and port (38008) there are 2 lines for 2 addresses. i like webman cause it lets you spoof (a different) IDPS/PSID (which is what gets banned by sony) at startup (also check off the disable levl box under idps/psid settings). click save and on the next screen click the "here" icon to restart ps3.

rap to rif editor:

r2r editor is easy it allows you to "re write" security for rap files. all u need is your ps3 IDPS (make copy of flash using multiman then open ps3tools by aldo you will see "get ps3 id" open that and drag/drop your copy of flash into it save IDPS in dat folder) and act.dat (get it in multiman press select and start its in HDD0\home\exdata\ user account) and move act.dat into data folder.

you also want to create a folder called "exdata" and have all your rap and edat files you want to activate in it. now double click r2r editor exe. and when the first screen comes up push "y" and it will resign your files with your ps3 info making rif files. double click the r2r exe again this time press "n" then press "y" after thats done move files from the newly made rap folder to a folder on usb flash drive called "exdata". now you need to activate with reactpsn.


psnpatch allows for spoofing PSID/IDPS and a few other things. you can spoof using a file found: /dev_hdd0/game/BLJS10018/USRDIR/psnpatch.cfg. in the file you can change the PSID/IDPS. other than that most is self explanatory.


install reactpsn, create account called "aa" make sure you have usb flash drive with folder called "exdata" with all your rap files in it. click on reactpsn and touch nothing else.

the ps3 will show the activation of any rap/edat files and then restart. you will notice the "aa" account changed. the change tells you how many rap/edat files were activated.

like i said its the bare minimum i hate typing so i know theres spelling errors, if i missed anything or am wrong pleez let me know as im going off memory and i toke a lot. thanx for reading and if i helped you hook me up with rep points thanxxx again.
thank you nice to be back with all the ps4 hoopla i didnt think people would need support for the ps3 but i reposted just in case
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