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As GameStop reported massive financial losses and announced the closing of more stores this year, it appears Redbox is getting out of the video game rental business by the end of 2019... they'll continue to sell any remaining games through early 2020 although many have confirmed their local kiosk only has a few games left with an option to buy not rent. đŸ˜• :nolove:

Redbox will now focus exclusively on movies according to via, to quote:

"In a statement to The Verge, a spokesperson reiterated that Redbox will be 'permanently transitioning out of the games business,' but will still allow customers to purchase remaining games 'through the end of the year.'

With Redbox being an inexpensive method for many gamers to test out new titles, closing their video game rental service will leave one less option for players to test out games ahead of purchasing them."

As there's only one Blockbuster Video left in the world located in Bend, Oregon, perhaps rippers will transition to GameFly or alternative online video game rental services... I still recall when some scene group suppliers were Blockbuster Video store employees. :sneaky:

Redbox Video Game Rentals to End This Year, Game Sales by Early 2020.png



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The red box never really had a large number of games to choose from around here anyway. 5 to 6 games is pretty much all I ever saw in them at one time.


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I’m my area they got most of newer games. That’s sad as I have bought em a few games being very disappointed. Now I will have to watch YouTube (facepalm) videos of gameplay before I buy. That’s crap to be honest. Time to dust off the xbone or play the switch lol


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The whole renting business is dying because it's so easy to rip content on a PC or a hacked console. Like a CFW PS3 can rip discs easily that's why Redbox cut PS3 games and only kept 360 titles for such a long time.

Sure you can rip games on a 360 but it's a lot harder because you need programming and soldering skills to RGH. I don't condone these activities but that's usually what happens and Redbox doesn't make money.
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