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Peripherals and accessories manufacturer Sabrent recently announced they'll be offering an optimized PS5 SSD Heatsink for their Rocket Series SSDs proceeding the PS5 Beta Firmware / System Software update, M.2 SSD Drive PS5 Storage Expansion Guide, Seagate & Western Digital Compatible PS5 SSDs, more confirmed PlayStation 5 Compatible Solid State Drives and the PS5 M.2 SSD Beta Firmware FAQ.

Sabrent Optimized PS5 SSD Heatsink for Rocket Series Solid State Drives 2.jpg For those joining the PS5 Scene who missed the notice previously, as advised by Sony using an M.2 SSD with the PlayStation 5 console requires effective heat dissipation with a cooling structure such as a heatsink (whether built-in or separate).

What makes their PS5 Solid State Drive Heatsink innovative is it's actually designed to replace the stock PlayStation 5 heatsink cover... meaning you won't have to leave the cover off to accommodate a decent heatsink, nor settle for a less efficient heatsink in order to get the cover closed. :sneaky:

Check out the video from Sabrent USA's YouTube Channel below to see the optimized PlayStation 5 SSD Heatsink for their Rocket Series of Solid State Drives.
Sabrent PS5 Heatsink Is Coming! Cool Your SSD Properly!
Sabrent Optimized PS5 SSD Heatsink for Rocket Series Solid State Drives.jpg


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