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Following their recent CCC hints of Penguins on Aeolia, console hacking team fail0verflow sent some more brief PS4 hacking update Tweets out.

Check them out below, although there is still no definitive confirmation demo of Sony's PlayStation 4 being able to run Linux just yet.




B7U3 C50SS

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Here's an update @PSXHAX Why not add it the to the main article?

EDIT: i tried to get the full tweet to be embedded. o rather i just did what you did @PSXHAX when you embed tweets; by copying the link. it didn't seem to copy everything. though maybe it's because of the style of this particular tweet? however it does lead me back to twitter. that much is good and i can say for certain.

SECOND EDIT: @SorenAlke please don't spam the forum topics.. instead use the "edit" button. x) please.


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@B7U3 C50SS I added the latest tweets to the OP, but yep the picture one doesn't show the text even though it's embedded the same way.

This is probably something that will need to get updated in the Xenforo Twitter embed code... I will keep an eye out for any updates they offer to it, the rest seem to show fine though. :)


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@B7U3 C50SS I fixed it for the moment with a 'dirty' mod... increased the height so it shows the full tweet with text and picture.

The only downside is tweets without pictures are now taller, when I have time I will sort if there's a way to make it 'detect' which contain pictures and which don't perhaps. :p
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