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This past summer Sony introduced the PS4 Tournaments: Challenger Series, and now they've announced a new Web and mobile-focused Competition Center located at where US-based PlayStation gamers can watch, play and compete! 🤩 🏆

Here's all the deets from Sony Global Competitive Gaming VP Steven Roberts, to quote:

I am thrilled to announce the launch of the Competition Center today in the U.S. The Competition Center is a web and mobile destination to elevate your competitive play to the next level by offering tournaments and competitive gaming content, curated based on your favorite titles.

The Competition Center is the one place that you can go to view exclusive content, tips and tricks of your favorite games from some of the best players in the world, and live coverage from some of the biggest esports events. The various types of competitive and unique content include:
  • Tips and Tricks from the Best: Have you ever wondered what the pros do to prepare themselves for game day? The Competition Center has you covered.
  • Player and Team Profiles: If you’ve wanted a more in-depth take on a particular player or team, the Competition Center has that too.
  • Competition Kicks Series: For those of you out there that have a treasured sneaker collection, you’re not alone! We dive right into what top players of various games keep in their closet in our Competition Kicks Series.
  • One Shot Series: Do you love pizza or burgers? Controller or mouse and keyboard? We get hot takes from some of the best in the field in our One Shot Series.
Simply choose the games you care most about and the Competition Center will take care of the rest, making esports and competitive gaming content super easy to find.

The Competition Center is also the best way to access PS4 Tournaments by recommending online competitions that you can join. We provide live tournament standings and brackets so you know how you’re performing at any given time.

Additionally, when you sign in with your PSN ID, you will know which tournaments your friends have registered for so that you can join them.* This makes the Competition Center the perfect resource when you’re playing in the PS4 Tournaments: Challenger Series. Since August, we’ve launched this tournament series with games like Mortal Kombat 11 and Injustice 2, with more AAA titles coming soon.

*Account for PSN required for single sign-on and curation features.

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