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Heading to PlayStation 4 on November 15th of this year, Watch Dogs 2 features wrongly framed hacker Marcus Holloway who decides to work with hacking group DedSec to take down San Francisco's ctOS 2.0 computer system along with it's creator Blume.

Marcus takes on adversaries, drives fast vehicles throughout the Bay Area and uses the city as his playground!

Check out the Watch Dogs 2 Hack Everything PS4 Trailer from E3 2016 courtesy of Sony's Fred Dutton below. :cool:

Watch Dogs 2.jpg
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Another BIG FAIL like WD1.
Whats hapening with the LAST/LOST generation???
No more ideas? , just copy GTA SA + smart ass phone???
Im tired of this s***.
Ubisoft did it again, they take/buy/create a franchise, make it a bit better and/or finally burn it to ashes (far cry, ass creed,WD,POP...) i have to use emoticons here,sorry... :mad::confused::(:question::tdown::alert::(


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Lol... not... THAT... emoticons... OMG. :eek:

Just kidding, I've been known to use them myself at times.

I even got yelled at by a buddy for using them cuz his gf thought my text was really from another chick due to the emoticons... apparently they are not 'cool' to text to other dudes, or something :rolleyes: :p
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