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Following the PS5 Godfall Trailer video and recent PS5 Rumors, at their CES 2020 press conference Sony unveiled the official PlayStation 5 (PS5) logo which can be seen below... and is right on par with what most expected. 😃

At this year's Consumer Electronics Show they also reconfirmed the previously announced PS5 features including 3D Audio, Ray Tracing and a super-fast SSD onboard.

To quote from on the news: "All five features have previously been confirmed when Sony detailed the PS5's specs in 2019.

The five features include 3D Audio, Haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, an ultra-high SSD (Solid State Drive), Ray Tracing and Ultra HD Blu-Ray support.

You can take a look at the graphic shown below."
Sony CES 2020 Press Conference (Live at 5 p.m. PST)
Sony CES 2020 Press Conference PS4 Trailer (Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us Part II and More)
Sony Unveils Official PlayStation 5 (PS5) Logo at CES 2020 Conference.jpg

Sony Unveils Official PlayStation 5 (PS5) Logo at CES 2020 Conference 2.jpg



I like how that guy complains as if there were plans to reveal the console, is he even aware of the big event on the 12th of February?

Even if Sony doesn't show the console, it would be great if they could show off some gameplay like they did in 2013 with PS4.

I'm just hoping for confirmed specs and features, so tired of seeing all these rumours all over the internet....


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Can't wait to get ps5, i don't care the damn design just bring horizon zero dawn 2 and final fantasy 7 remake exclusive on ps5

it's already clear sony and microsoft will using custom made amd ryzen 3


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@mukasange small correction, it's Zen 3, not Ryzen. Ryzen 3 has been available since 2017 and is the lowest SKU. Zen 3 is the architecture of the next-gen AMD CPUs, among which are the PS5 and XboX X.


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So sad.. whatever MS do.. More or less. Sony will be the best... but in the end of day.

I am happy XD because noone cares about MS... just windows count.. to play emulators and create homebrew to play on playstation XD

I think... ps4 will be the best homebrew console ever... Soon...



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At least it still has Blue Ray disc, imagine if they all out went digital it would literally break my internet bundle plan.
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