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Hi guys, during my last 5 years I've been developing games :)

This game was mainly oriented for mobile market, but I decided to move it to desktop some years ago. It get Greenlight on Steam at that moment. But I never released it. Until today :) It is complete. It's very short.

Anyway it is a platform game that can you play for a while. Even for your children. They love this game. Very easy for them.

Obviously this game is not using any Unjail because it doesn't need. The passcode is "00000 ....."

You could find some bug, because I just ported it, so it could happen :)

Here is a video:

Here is the download link:

ED1633-TEFO11111_00-0000000000000000-A0100-V0100.pkg (303.8 MB) / theenchantedforest.rar (52.7 MB - Windows Release) / elfforest.vpk (76.1 MB) / elfforest_update_1_1.vpk (74.3 MB) / MEGA Folder

Best regards.
The Enchanted Forest PS4 Homebrew Game Port PKG by RetroGamer74.jpg


Look at the time at this post and try to download it again if you download it before because I did several fixes. It looks in PS4 the progress was not saving at disk, because it requires a check in the preferences when build the package. So it was not a source code issue. And it was a nightmare to fix it :)

But now the progress finally is saved. So you can continue from your last checkpoint once you close the app. So it works :)

This is a sneak peak of the Winter world if you reach it :)

It's not easy to publish for Sony or other platforms in terms of quality, deals and so on.

@Sirfredi Multilanguage support is fixed :)
Download it again.

Let me know if everything works.

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