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Following his last update and recent TABR Usage Tutorial, today PlayStation 3 developer @jjkkyu updated the PS3 homebrew application TrueAncestor Backup Retailer to version 2.30 with the changes detailed below. :love:

Download: (1.46 MB) / (Mirror by jjkkyu)

To quote from his post on the translated changelog: TABR v2.30

1. Fix insert disc issue in converting engine.
2. Add set output path function, now backup can be generated to external drive directly.
3. Add generate LIC.DAT/EDAT function.
4. Rename 'Final Comfirmation' switch to 'Wait before Injection'.
5. Change instructions to user manual.
6. Fix a bug in extracting backup with IDPS.
7. Add splitted files check, not allow to add game backup or folder containing splitted files.
TrueAncestor Backup Retailer v2.30 PS3 Update by Jjkkyu Released.png



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back in days when we tried to convert and inject games, atleast i received "insert disc error" for certain games... i believe thats now being fixed. it will be useful for people who are going to try this in future.
by the way i use only DTU.
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