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Following the recent news of Naughty Dog disabling PS4 Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta game sharing, PlayStation 4 modders Xmax Katsu / EuroAli103 have released an Uncharted 4 Beta Unlock proxy application which allows users to download and install the Beta.

However, according to reports the Uncharted 4 PS4 Beta won't actually run unless you have a savegame of the Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection on your PlayStation 4 console itself.

Download: Uncharted4 Beta Download

To quote from katsu: Uncharted 4 Beta Download Unlock :)

:alert: SERIOUS WARNING: Join the beta with a fake account, and a new PS4 user. NEVER use your main account.

The app works via a simple proxy. When you run the app, you are gonna see the psn store, login with a fake account (an account created only for this purpose). After that, buy a demo game on psn store, complete the purchase, Uncharted 4 beta will be added to your download list automatically. If you encounter an internet connection error, restart the app.
  • Need NETframework 4+
  • Test on win8-win10 work
App sourcecode by EuroAli103. Thanks a lot!

Finally, from Yifan Lu: Since apparently people here trust running random EXEs from strangers, there does not seem to be any (obvious) viruses. Although it does load a youtube video in the background for some odd reason.

The “trick” is changing the SKU of whatever you’re “purchasing” to EP9000-CUSA04051_00-UNCHARTED4MPBETA-E001 which, of course, lets you “purchase” the free beta. You can do it yourself without running an untrusted EXE by using firefox and modifying the request after checkout.


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Pardon me, but didn't I link this story to you? On twitter?? don't i get some form of credit to that? unless you had already seen it. :D


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Did ya? I don't read through Facebook or Twitter messages unless someone points them out to me... I personally can't stand both Facebook and Twitter so never use them except to syndicate news.

I actually saw this on N4G last night when I was checking all the PlayStation Experience news. ;)
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