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Yoo guys, today I'm going to show you the method I found by myself, and for me it's the quickest method to unlock trophies, no SPRX or stuff related to it.

Let's get straight to the tutorial then.

1 - Get Trophy folders! This is IF you want more trophies of games you don't even own, if you do have the game downloaded, read number 2. *A good place to download trophy folders IS NextGenUpdate*

Side note for Step 1: If you download this folders from NGU, you have to go into Bruteforce, and put your PSNID there and resign the trophy data to your PSNID, if you don't do it sync will always have errors.

Side note two: You'll need to rebuild database if you use Trophy folders resigned by you and downloaded from NGU, there's a tutorial there as well for that, and a file to be placed on devhdd0/mms

2 - Use filezilla or multiman, I use filezilla to be quicker, go onto dev/hdd0/home/*USER OF YOUR ACCOUNT*/trophy/*Select the trophy folder in which you want the Platinum & stuff*

3 - Copy the folder to the Desktop

4 - Download PS3TrophyIsGoodV1.3.6 and open it: PS3TrophyIsGoodV1.3.6.7z / PS3TrophyIsGood V1.3.6 Src.7z

5 - Once opened, click on the File button and search the trophy folder, select it.

6 - All trophies should appear now.

7 - Click Advanced (A) , and choose a random Start date, the trophies will be unlocked since that date, and then again on Advanced click on "Instant Platinum." , refresh it and go on the file (f) and save it. *PS3TrophyIsGood Part is done*

8 - Now copy the folder you edited with PS3TIG back to dev/hdd0/home/*USER OF YOUR ACCOUNT*/trophy/

9 - Load the game, it should appear 100% now, but the trophies will not appear unlocked.

10 - Once you get out of the game, do your everyday method of getting online, psn patch etc & sync them.

11 - Voila, you just have a new platinum bro :)


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A BIG thanks for sharing this guide here @raizenn, it's awesome what sheer determination can lead to when trying to figure something out on your own as you were just last week. :thumbup:

I will be sure to link to this guide whenever someone else asks about syncing PS3 trophies on CFW to help others out. <3


Good afternoon. The year have passed. Tell me please, does PSN gave ban for this manipulation after sync trophies? I want to know, because i don't want to lost my PSN account.

And the second question. I know that I need to use PS3Exploit, but i don't understand, how to get trophy folders to my pc after installing PS3Exploit.

Dragon Fly

Hello everyone.
I don't know why, but every time I try to use the program he get me the "Not A Valid TROPTRST.DAT" error. I already tried to use the Bruteforce, but doesn't work, someone know how to solve this?

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