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It's me again! ;)

Last night I got the 'Unrecognized Disc' Error a couple of times after playin' around with Save Mounter. I got this early this year the first time and changed the BD-Drive. Until now it worked fine. Maybe It's a software thing? I won't change the drive again, so has anyone another solution? (Unplugging, tap on it.. that's bullsh!t!)

After disassembling, there are no missing/shifted parts. Sometimes, if I put in the disk in and immediately start the game application, it works. Seems to have a problem on keeping the initial read speed spin up on the disc.

Read about uninstall your system installation from Safe Mode on PS4, get a 1 GB or higher usb, download the system installation onto usb from computer, then reinstall your system installation onto PS4. I feel like it's a software problem. We need a permanent fix but don't understand what really the problem is!?
Not open for further replies.

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