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Following his previous Vitamin official release, the recent PS4 NPDRM Conversion and 6.61 Adrenaline-6 Fix, PlayStation Vita developer TheFloW announced that this month he'll be releasing Vitamin 3.0 featuring a PS Vita plugin called NoNpDrm which allows users to bypass Sony's DRM to share digital games and run them from memory card, SD card, USB, etc. :love:

:idea: NoNpDrm v1.0 followed by NoNpDrm v1.1 is out for PlayStation Vita owners! :fire:

To quote from on his disclosure statement: The upcoming tool is a plugin called NoNpDrm and allows you to bypass DRM, respectively to share any digital games (inclusive additional content). It will also allow you to run Game Cards from MC/SD/USB. You can call it Vitamin 3.0, however it is NOT a dumper.

Using the plugin, you can simply copy&paste any game from gro0:app/ux0:app and then install and launch them on other devices/accounts (provided HENkaku is installed). This is possible by using a fake license which will be generated by the plugin.

Unlike the previous dumpers, NoNpDrm assures you that the game is untouched and every game (<= 3.60) will be compatible. This means that the way the game is installed and launched is pretty much official. For example game updates can simply be downloaded and installed from LiveArea.

People who can not activate their devices anymore, but still have games installed on their devices, will also benefit from this plugin: by getting a fake license from someone else, they will be able to play their games again. The plugin will be available this month.

:arrow: Update: NoNpDrm v1.0 is now officially released, with the Github download links and details from the ReadMe file available HERE followed by a NoNpDrm v1.1 update! :thumbup:

Cheers to @xxmcvapourxx for sharing the news tip in the PSXHAX Shoutbox earlier tonight! :beer:
Vitamin 3.0 PS Vita NoNpDrm DRM Bypass Plugin by TheFloW Coming.jpg



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The only thing I see in the is "I somehow messed up the installation, how can I reinstall a game? - You can delete the (fake) license at ux0:license/app/TITLE_ID and use the refresh option in VitaShell."

It sounds like refreshing the livearea is one thing to try, or if all else fails you could always report an issue on Github or try to contact TheFlow to let him know.

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