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webMAN MOD is an homebrew plugin by @aldostools with many features added on the original webMAN by @deank.

webMAN Mod v1.43.20:
  • This is a new *test build* webMAN MOD v1.43.20
  • This new build has improved speed loading PS3ISO through ps3netsvr running on PS3 and more free memory thanks to the smaller stack sizes used in the threads.
  • Also I reverted the dynamic buffer size for FTP to use static buffers of 128KB... the increased buffer size doesn't seem to affect the performance.
webMAN MOD build 1.43.19:
  • This build fixes a regression in the detection of firmware version (the bug is present in 1.43.18). It causes the fan control and other features to stop working properly.
  • So it's highly suggested to update to this version if you're using 1.43.18
The new feature in this build is that it has a *partial* port of the ps3netsvr for the PS3. Now people with multiple PS3 consoles should be able to share their games among them. The feature is not fully tested, but in my quick tests the PS3 and PSX ISOs worked fine.

Download links:

Download: / GIT via butterflyPSX



Latest webMAN MOD 1.43.32 update by aldostools on GitHub with the changes:

Download: prepNTFS_1.14.pkg / ps3netsrv.rar / webMAN_MOD_1.43.32_Updater.pkg / Source code (zip) / Source code (tar.gz)

webMAN MOD 1.43.32
  • Added ability to edit small text files (up to 2000 bytes): /edit.ps3<file>
  • Added shortcut to quick install PKG on /dev_hdd0/packages (SELECT+R2+O)
  • Added the option to disable the new combo in /setup.ps3
  • Added remove .bak extension in File Manager
  • Changed spoof CFW version to 4.80 for old Cobra
  • Changed the back button in html response to history.back()
webMAN MOD 1.43.33 update by aldostools on GitHub with the changelog followed by v1.43.34 and v1.43.35 below:

webMAN MOD 1.43.33
  • Right-click menu on /index.ps3 and File Manager
  • Added Game Info & New Folder options
  • Moved CSS and some javascripts to external files:
  • Reduced memory footprint used by the plugin, allows user customization
  • Easier debugging, allows to extend features using javascript without use additional memory
  • note1: if the CSS is not found, the embedded CSS is used.
  • note2: rebug editions don't use the external CSS/javascripts.
  • Various bug fixes & code improvement.
webMAN MOD 1.43.34

Download: / 1.43.34.tar.gz
  • File Mgr: Fixed regression in browsing files in /net folders
  • Added audio tracks processing to CUE parser of PSXISO
  • Games list (html): Removed wait box for download links
  • Games list (html): Moved wait box script to external fm.js
  • Increased buffer size for items in File Mgr & Games list (html)
  • detect_cd_sector_size now is done in open_remote_file
  • ps1 emulator can be selected in url: ?emu=ps1_netemu.self
  • ps3netsrv: global code cleanup & add fd checks to File.cpp
  • ps3netsrv: cd sector size detection is done only if iso <900MB
  • Added deank's ps3netsrv to "bins\old" folder
webMAN MOD 1.43.35

Download: prepNTFS_1.15.pkg / ps3netsrv.rar / webMAN_MOD_1.43.35_Updater.pkg / Source code (zip) / Source code (tar.gz)
  • Added display of free space left on USB devices to /cpursx.ps3
  • Added shortcuts to storage devices in /cpursx.ps3
  • Combos now support pads 0-7 (formerly was only 0-2)
  • PS2_DISC & No SingStar icon now are features in Full Edition
  • /restart.ps3 now supports same parameters of /reboot.ps3
  • Icon resizer now keeps the size until the browser is closed
  • File Mgr: /host_root now is a shortcut to /dev_hdd0/packages
  • File Mgr: .SFO now displays title id with link to game updates
  • File Mgr: game title now has a link to hdd0/game/<titleid> (i.e. a shortcut to game patches & dlc)
  • File Mgr: size column of .SFO now fixes game in hdd0/game
  • Fix game now starts from the root of the game (JB folder only)
  • Reduced delay of message for files deleted with /delete.ps3
  • /download.ps3 now shows the download path in separate line
  • /install.ps3 now caches the pkg to hdd0 if installing from /net
  • Added breadcrumbs trails to the displayed path in /mount.ps3 (now adds mount only if path is ISO or folder)
  • Added support to install pkg files to right-menu in html
  • Improved performance reading language files (it results in faster save settings & reduced startup time)
  • Added support to cache PSPISO and PS2ISO on ntfs to hdd0 (prepNTFS 1.15 or later is required)
  • Added combo L2+R2 to prevent auto-mount game on startup (2 beeps will sound when the buttons can be released)
  • Lite Edition: memory footprint is <192KB (removed 'ps2 toggle' & 'disable cobra' combos)
  • Updated: prepNTFS 1.15 (added scan folders PSPISO and PS2ISO)
  • Updated: ps3netsrv (build 20160826.1) & PS3 NET Server GUI 1.4
  • webPAD online:
  • webMAN Portal:
webMAN MOD 1.43.36 update by aldostools on GitHub with the changelog below:

webMAN MOD 1.43.36 Changelog
  • Added support for download & auto install pkgs. Syntax: /install.pkg?url=<url-of-pkg>
  • Install PKG combo now auto-install all pkgs in hdd0/packages
    /install.ps3 now deletes the pkg after installation
  • Use /install_ps3 to keep the pkg after installation
  • Added conditional install of pkg: /install.ps3<pkg_path>?
  • Added support for download .xm! as .xml
  • Pkgs are now downloaded to a temporary folder then moved
  • Limited delete pkg after install to hdd0 only
  • Added support to install local theme files (*.p3t)
  • Added online covers to lite edition
  • Added scan in ISO folder for covers named as <title_id>.JPG
  • Added list of last games to root of file manager
  • Icon sizer value now is retained after close the browser
  • Changed algorithm for covers scanning to: ISO folder > MM Covers > ICON0 (instead of MM > ISO > ICON0)
  • Added support for sorting directories by date/size/name
  • Added support for wildcards in ftp directory listing
  • Fixed ftp navigation using the browsers
  • Changed PASV mode in ps3mapi to work in the same way as the ftp server
  • Added mount by name: /mount.ps3?<name>
  • Added support for filter file listing using: /path?<name>
  • Added /restart.ps3?min to reboot & show min fw version
  • Added swap buttons commands (the system is rebooted): /pad.ps3?cross=enter, /pad.ps3?circle=enter, /pad.ps3?cross=swap
  • Added ability to set default restart mode. e.g. /restart.ps3?quick$
  • Added link from /TROPDIR/NPWR* to trophy dir of current user
  • Added link from /LICDIR to home to savedata dir of current user
  • Removed selection of user account from /setup.ps3
  • /copy.ps3 now uses the home folder of the current user
  • Changed behavior of /copy.ps3 (for faster copy)
  • Now existing files with the same file size are not overwritten
  • /copy_ps3 overwrite the existing files (formerly /copy.ps3)
  • /copy.ps3 from hdd0 now copies to the first usb drive * previously the default usb drive was usb000
  • Added 'Copy & overwrite' option to fm.js (popup menu)
  • Removed support for droidMAN in lite edition
  • Removed polling of wm_request file (due performance impact)
  • Combos still use wm_request file, but it's processed directly
  • Removed buggy code added recently for psx audio processing
  • Added offline mode that disable network when games start
  • Added exception list /dev_hdd0/tmp/wm_online_ids.txt for auto-disable network
  • Now the fan speed is increased critically only if the temperature warning is enabled in /setup.ps3 and the temperature is > 85°C
  • Updated webMAN_IT.xml (thanks to smikk)
  • PARAM.SFO multi5 of updater & prepNTFS (thanks to smikk)
  • Re-added standalone plugin video_rec.sprx
  • Added disc icon with link to /bdvd to the bottom of all the pages
  • Changed link in 'size column' of /app_home to home of user in File Manager
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to /setup.ps3
  • Added combo l2_r2
  • Several code optimizations and bug fixes.
  • webPAD online:
  • webMAN Portal:
webMAN MOD 1.45.00 update by aldostools on GitHub with the changelog below:

webMAN MOD 1.45.00 Changelog
  • New settings file: /dev_hdd0/tmp/wm_config.bin
⚠️ webMAN settings must be configured again in /setup.ps3!!!! ⚠️
  • PS3 Web browser now closes faster after mount from XMB
  • Added prevention of 'Auto power off' (only when USB polling is enabled)
  • Added SYSCON as option for fan controller
  • FTP port now can be defined in /setup.ps3 (default port: 21)
  • Added option to define ftp session timeout (0=no timeout)
  • Added APPEND command to ftp server
Changes in web commands
  • Added /swap.ps3 command
  • Added ?restart.ps3 parameter to install, copy, delete, rename
  • Added ?cover=<mode> parameter to /refresh.ps3 & /index.ps3
  • Added refresh launchpad only: /index.ps3?launchpad
  • /install.ps3?url= now deletes the pkg after install.
  • To keep the downloaded pkg use /install_ps3?url=
Improvements & fixes
  • Launchpad now use local icons (if they are available)
  • LaunchPad items now are listed sorted alphabetically
  • Changed /refresh.ps3 in LaunchPad to /index.ps3?launchpad
  • Language now defaults to English if the setting has a bad value
  • USB polling setting now don't need a restart if it's changed
  • Auto Power Off registry setting now is restored after reboot
  • Added check value range to fan settings when loaded
  • 'Slider' link now is visible only if the html file exists
  • Fixed auto-play disc too short wait
  • Fixed auto-play not working for all PSXISO
  • Fixed listing of net games if net game was mounted & server was disconnected
  • Fixed error 80010006 when hdd0/tmp/downloader doesn't exist
  • Fixed broken support for FlashFXP & LeapFTP
  • Added display of notifications of http request errors
  • Added check for invalid characters in file name copying to usb
  • Re-added DELETE_TURNOFF to /shutdown.ps3 & /restart.ps3
  • Current fan policy offsets will be applied on firmware >4.80
  • Improved scanning of icons
  • Improved sorting in game listing
  • Wait for download XML now supports a threshold size in the filename
  • Added /play.ps3, PLAY DISC & Auto-Play to Lite edition
  • Removed ONLINE COVERS from /setup.ps3 in English only
  • Removed show IDPS from Lite edition
  • Changed IEXP0_480.BIN to IEXP0_470.BIN in nonCobra edition
  • Added flag to compile for 4.80 CEX/DEX only (not used in release pkg)
Changes in other components:
  • Updater: now installs to hdd0 if the webMAN is disabled in Rebug. Also updates the .bak in flash.
  • Fixed prepNTFS not listed on webMAN.xml due bad PARAM.SFO
  • prepNTFS now unmounts current game (vsh hanged returning to XMB if a /net game was mounted)
  • Updated binaries of ps3netsrv for rasberry pi
  • Fixed a crash of ps3netsrv ocurred during scanning for content
webMAN MOD 1.45.01 update by aldostools on GitHub with the changelog below:

webMAN MOD 1.45.01 Changelog

⚠️ If upgrading from webMAN 1.43 or lower, settings must be configured again in /setup.ps3!!!! ⚠️

What's new
  • New USER/ADMIN security mode:
  • Added the new combo L2+R2+TRIANGLE to toggle USER/ADMIN mode (disabled by default)
  • Several functions will be limited while the plugin is in USER mode, including:
    Access to /dev_blind, FTP server, ps3mapi, delete, copy, show IDPS, file manager, virtual pad...
  • Added /admin.ps3?enable&pwd=<pwd> to change mode
  • Added pwd=<pwd> parameter to the web commands:
    /setup.ps3, /install.ps3, /download.ps3, /restart.ps3, /shutdown.ps3, /browse.ps3
  • Added option to mute SND0.AT3 of mounted game when disc icon is selected on XMB
  • Added option to prevent auto-power off on ftp, install, download (except on Lite edition)
    (in previous version the option was enabled through USB polling)
  • Fixed PSP games not mounted due fail copying icon ⚠️
  • Fixed fan controller paused during PKG installation via combo
  • Fixed Remove SingStar Icon (thanks to bguerville)
  • Fixed option Remove SingStar Icon couldn't be changed
  • Fixed dup. games listing on full edition if remote net server is unavailable
Changes & improvements
  • Mounting from XMB now always close folders (even if autoplay is off)
    (This option can be disabled unchecking PLAY DISC combo)
  • Some system combos now work only on XMB (e.g toggler cobra, rebug togglers)
  • Fixed /net games not listed in Last Game list of File Manager
  • The LED on the console now always blink while game is mounting
  • Added 3 seconds timeout to ps3netsrv connections
Changes in other components:
  • Fixed crash still happening on ps3netsrv (Windows version) ⚡
  • VSH Menu 1.12: Fixed not loading VSH menu after install a pkg from VSH menu's File manager
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