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Following the PopOS 22.04 with Mesa 22.0.1 PS4 Distro released earlier this month, PlayStation 4 Scene developer @noob404 recently made available via Twitter a WinesapOS 3 (based on SteamOS 3 by LukeShortCloud) with Mesa 22.0.3 PS4 Linux Distro detailed on complete with a demonstration video from Noob404's PS4Linux YouTube Channel below. šŸ§

Those interested in supporting @noob404's continued scene efforts can do so directly on Noob404's Ko-fi Page, with a dedicated Discord Channel set up for related help as well. šŸ†˜

:arrow: WinesapOS 3, based on SteamOS 3 for PS4 with Mesa 22.0.3: PS4 Distro Release / Alternate Installation Method

Download: winesapos_ps4linux.tar.xz (5.04 GB - User: noob404 / Password: ps4 / Root password: ps4) / Noob404's Ko-fi Page <3

From the video's description: WinesapOS 3, based on SteamOS 3 is now available for PS4. It comes with Mesa 22.0.3 and many gaming applications - Steam, Heroic Epic Games Launcher, Proton Up, and many more.

In the video, you will also see Sims 4 running at 60+ FPS on 1080p fullscreen and even smooth 2K YouTube video playback with the system usage being shown side-by-side. Special thanks to Makanda for buying Sims 4 and Truck Racer!

WinesapOS 3 for PS4, based on SteamOS 3 | Sims 4 at 60+FPS, 2K (1440p) YouTube Video Playback & More
WinesapOS 3 with Mesa 22.0.3 PS4 Distro by PS4Linux (aka Noob404).png


I've been on it for a week, I couldn't upload it, the file is too big, I tried it on ps4, I couldn't do it, is there an easier way to install via Windows?
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