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Today MachineGames is back with some fresh PS4 gameplay video footage of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus which stands among the best story-driven shooters to date. :bananaman18:

Here's some hands-on feedback straight from Sony Social Media Director Sid Shuman, to quote: Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is showing a lot of promise.

My recent hands-on time with an early build of the game pointed to a more confident, more polished follow-up to 2014's subversive hit Wolfenstein: The New Order... which still stands as one of the best story-driven shooters on PS4, by the way.

With Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, developer MachineGames is shifting the fight overseas to a Nazi-occupied “United States of Amerika.”

The themes are heavy, and MachineGames doesn’t pull any punches in its depiction of this dark alternate history — though the studio wisely punctuates the tension with moments of shocking humor, such as the infamous milkshake scene shown at E3.

The New Colossus picks up with William “BJ” Blazkowicz recovering from the crippling injuries inflicted by Wilhelm “Deathshead” Strasse during their duel at the end of Wolfenstein: The New Order. The Resistance leadership has survived by commandeering an enemy U-boat, but the bad guys have finally tracked them down.

In the first sequence I played, Blazkowicz has to fend them off while confined to a wheelchair. This impressive scenario wasn’t just a graphical reskin or an on-rails affair. Though the wheelchair’s movement and handling felt more rigid, more tank-like, I maintained a good deal of mobility as I carefully rolled through the corridors of the surprisingly accessible U-boat, ambushing the invaders and carefully navigating a maze of tricky microwave traps.

Later, I went undercover to transport a nuke around occupied Roswell, New Mexico. I wandered around town while taking in the disturbing sights and sounds in a sequence that reminded me some moments in Bioshock Infinite’s Columbia.

Even though this sequence was unsettling, I enjoyed being able to slow down and explore at my own pace. The game is riddled with bits of lore: books, propaganda, audio recordings, and overheard conversations add meat to the game’s narrative bones.

As for the actual shooting gameplay, expect a more refined approach to combat. Building off one of The New Order’s most satisfying features, BJ can pretty much dual wield any weapon, or combination of weapons, in the game. Dual shotguns? Dual sticky bomb launchers? One pistol, one assault rifle? All possible, and all with unique benefits and drawbacks.

You’ll also find weapon upgrade kits that can trick out your favorite guns in multiple ways. But because they’re scarce, you’ll need to choose carefully. Magnum bullets or a suppressor for your pistol? Armor-piercing rounds or reduced recoil for your assault rifle?

The upgraded Perk system also grants more passive benefits for hitting certain tiers of headshots, grenade kills, and so forth. In general, the character customization here is far deeper and more satisfying than in Wolfenstein: The New Order.

All in all, a promising early showing here from MachineGames, complete with the excellent writing and performances that made the last game such a pleasure. Look for Wolfenstein: The New Colossus to hit PS4 October 27, and the studio already has big plans for post-release content.
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Wolfenstein 2 on PS4 (pro) = FPS with a joypad (!!!) + med settings at 20-30FPS ?

Sorry but I will play W2 on a PC = mouse + kb + ultrasettings at constant > 60FPS !

Add also that W2 will be cheaper on PC (or even free day 1 or 2 for the bad boys) + free online.


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Time have changed. Do the math, in midle term (3-4 years), you'll SAVE money with a PC:
  • dont need to change the whole hardware every 2-3 years
  • games cheaper (or free :ninja:) + free online
  • emulators, you save the price of many other consoles (MAME, CEMU, DOLPHIN, CITRA etc...) with better GFX and framerate
  • Media player, you save the cost of an external andoid TV box or Apple box etc...
  • Dont need to buy a chromecast dongle if you want to stream from your smartphone or tablet
  • etc etc...
Still an important 1st investment, but in the long run, you'll win.


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  • consoles last 6-8 years mainstream without modification
  • free game on psn with or without plus. Ps3 is still free online.
  • best emulators already on ps3 (retroarch has rewind feature)
  • ps4 media player handles 60fps live stream just fine.
  • ps4 and ps3 both support dlna compliant media servers. No need for dongle or even a tv remote.
  • ps4 not susceptible to exploit from a bad no-cd crack.
  • ps4 has less online cheating.
Long Story Short. Ps4 is to pc what apple is to android. Pc can have all kinds of hardware and customizations to stay competitive, but ps4 was built to compete with the future, no upgrades required. In order to match that on a pc, you would have to spend way more than the price of a ps4. unless you waited til now to buy it. But what's a ps4 go for now? 150-200 new?

Someone just bought a 1.74 fw for under 200. On a pc i could afford a mediocre graphics card. What about a nice big ssd to hold all your pc games? And don't forget you need space for backing up in case you download a bad keygen for your A/V. How much are you gonna spend on ram? And how long before it's obsolete? Pc requires constant upgrades to stay in competion.Don't forget a nice ergonomic keyboard.

AND GOD FORBID YOU WANT 2 PEOPLE PLAYING. That's a whole nother rig you have to buy for your significant other. Unless you plan on playing with yourself your whole life :slap:


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@moodyjohn I appreciate your long answer, but as many people in PSXHAX you are still thinking that the PS4 is the new PS3 and you are all wrong !

A 6-8 years console is a thing from the past, now you'll have to change your console every 2 years: PS4 (400$) > PS4 pro (400$) > Scorpio (500$) > PS5 (>500$ ?).
8 years = 1800$ + add 70$ per game + DLC + PSN = 3000 $ ???

Today the PS4 is an old gen console, sorry to tell you this.

And if today you can purchase a PC that can play ALL games in Ultra at 80-120FPS on your large 1080p TV, why would you upgrade that PC untill you'll change your TV ?

When 4k movies will be streamed easily (not before 3-4 years), then purchase a 4k TV and upgrade your PC with a new GFX1180 that will cost less than 200$ !

Sony won with their PS4 ! Sony f.cked you because you are still thinking that you'll JB it as a PS3:
  • if you want to play, Sony milks you with their expensive games + DLC + PSN + new console every 2-3 years
  • you are waiting for a JB, so you dont update your FW and dont play at all, great ! 400$ wasted for nothing.
PS: On PS3, media players are a joke... and about the emulators, the best you can do is Retroarch. Forget about the Nintendo emulators with all the GFX improvment.


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AND GOD FORBID YOU WANT 2 PEOPLE PLAYING. That's a whole nother rig you have to buy for your significant other. Unless you plan on playing with yourself your whole life :slap:
For online you have 2 choices:
  • purchase original games and play legit with many other steam players
  • install a cracked game and play online on SteamEmu (much less players, less fun I agree)